Tips to Make a Spicy Bloody Mary

There is nothing quite like a spicy bloody mary for brunch. This is not your mom’s Bloody Mary! Chef Susie shares her tips on making a killer Bloody Mary with spectacular garnish and lots of style! How about bacon-on-a-stick for for your traditional bloodys? Using heirloom tomatoes adds sweetness that can be balanced with a garnish of pickles. Finally, how about  jalapeño tomatillo bloody with cilantro and a garnish of shrimp?!

Salt & Wind Recipe

Never to be confused for a nightime tipple, the “savage combination of tomato juice and vodka”—as master bartender Jack Townsend called it 50 years ago—has maintained it’s rightful place. While it once was an upper-class WASP drink, it’s component parts—neutral spirits, restorative juices, salts, capsaicins, and other volatile oils—indicates that its origins lie in the shadowy world of the hangover cure.

Tomatillo Bloody Mary HipLatina




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