Top Shelf Avion Tequila Spicy Margarita Recipe

Avion Tequila Spicy Margarita

Prep5 minutes
Ready5 minutes


  • 3 ounces Avión Tequila
  • 1/2 ounce Triple Sec
  • 1 ounce Patron Orange Liqueur
  • 2 ounces Sweet/Sour Lemon Lime Juice
  • Jalapeños (with the seeds, if you really want the kick)
  • Dried Chili Pepper for Garnish


  1. To be honest, since this was made on the spot I doubt the measurements were exact, but there are three liquors in this—so don’t pour too heavy on each. The one pro tip, once you’ve put this all into your shaker, you have to shake it all up until you can’t shake it anymore.

Cocktails are a great way to be creative with your drinks and have a little fun mixing. When planning your next happy hour gathering try something new. Create a fun mixology competition with different types of fruit, spicy, or unusual ingredients.

We visited a local drinking establishment and asked the bartender to mix-up a delicious drink with a spicy treat. Enjoy his concoction.




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