Tranquila! Ways to Re-Charge Your Batteries in The Middle of a Hectic Day

We’ve all been there: too little sleep, a jam-packed schedule, and people who need your attention at home. When you’re facing a marathon day, we suggest taking some time in the afternoon to re-set your mental state before taking on the evening. Sometimes 20 minutes is all it takes to change from feeling overwhelmed and sleepy to knowing you have the strength to make it through. Try these methods for turning your hectic day around.

Power Nap

You’ve probably heard about successful businessmen who rave about mini-naps. U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan all swore by them. Well, guapas, it’s not all talk: give it a try and feel the difference. Even if you suspect you won’t be able to sleep, find a quiet place to turn off the lights and close your eyes mid-afternoon. You may be able to train yourself to fall asleep with deep breathing, but even resting your eyes and mind for 20 minutes can work wonders. In fact, businesses are starting to catch on to the napping trend: In some cities, new companies are popping up offering “napping chambers” to provide tired workers with midday sleep breaks.

Get The Blood Flowing

No time to hit the gym today? Worry not, all you need for a mid-day energy boost is a spin around the block—20 minutes of walking will stimulate circulation and make you feel mucho major. Change into sneakers (or at least comfortable flats!) and ditch the handbag. Walk at a brisk pace to maximize blood flow and wake up the brain.

Hint: go it alone—this is your time to re-charge, so don’t make calls or invite a colleague along.

Power Down

To give yourself a chance to calm down, clear your room of what Feng Shui master Aniel calls, “electro-magnetic smog.” Turn off your computer, TV, and phone (yes, we’re asking you to put away your beloved cell phone) and slow your breathing. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes where no one can reach you, where no emails will buzz, no texts will beep, and no calls will ring. Just knowing you are (temporarily) unavailable can go far to releasing tension.

Try a Smoothie!

Ever notice that when you’re fatigued you feel hungrier than usual? This is because your body is trying to compensate for decreased energy with food. Don’t fight the urge to snack—instead, use this as the impetus to try a nutritious, tasty green smoothie. If you haven’t tried one before, you may expect that adding spinach or kale to a fruit smoothie would make the drink bitter, but in fact sweet fruits mask the bite of leafy veggies, so you mostly just taste the fruit. Try one of these homemade juices from Morena Escardo. Want more? Buy the book.

We recommend combining more than one of these activities if you can to re-start the day.

Ok ladies, back to work!




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