3 Spots You Can't Miss in Costa Rica HipLatina

Destinations You Can’t Miss When Planning Your Trip to Costa Rica


Costa Rica, known for its country slogan “Pura Vida,” is a must see in Central America. My friends and I took a 10 day road trip from the Caribbean Coast, inland to La Fortuna to see Arenal Volcano, to the Pacific Coast, ending at the Nicoya Peninsula (yes, all in about 10 days! #TeamNoSleep). Anywhere you decide to go in Costa Rica will have you in awe. The country prides itself in ecological conservation and it is well noticeable. Imagine driving on a road in the middle of a rainforest area and every few minutes seeing a beautiful waterfall on the side of the road. That is the magic of Costa Rica! Here are my top three favorite CR locations of the road trip of a lifetime!


3 Spots You Can't Miss in Costa Rica HipLatina

Reaching the small beach town of Montezuma is one of the biggest adventures I have ever had! You will have to take a ferry from Punta Arenas to reach the Nicoya Peninsula and from there take public transportation to Montezuma. Or if you have rented a car, you can transport the car on the ferry as well and drive yourself to Montezuma. SUV or Jeep are recommended for this because of the dirt roads and river crossings. In total from the port to the town it took about five hours. But once at the town you can kick back at the beautiful beaches or take a hike to the beautiful waterfalls. During the day time you have the option of taking a boat ride to Isla Tortuga (named after a rock formation in the shape of a turtle). At night time there are plenty of bars and restaurants to be social at.

Puerto Viejo

3 Spots You Can't Miss in Costa Rica HipLatina

Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, if you like reggae and you like a down to Earth vibe this is the place to be. It takes anywhere between four to six hours to drive there from San Jose. The town is not as developed as other beach towns on the Pacific Coast but I think that is what makes it so laid back and unique. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, rainforests, and two animal sanctuaries to visit. Another interesting fact, Puerto Viejo has one of the largest Black populations in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna

3 Spots You Can't Miss in Costa Rica HipLatina

If you love adrenaline and adventure then you must visit Fortuna, home to Costa Rica’s famous Arenal volcano. White water rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, horse back riding, zip lining, are a few of the many adventure activities you can do at Fortuna. There is also room to relax with the natural hot spring pools which you can take a dip in at a resort style location or out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by amazing views.


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