#Travel Tuesday: DJs Shaking Up The Music Scene in NYC

Coming to NYC for New Year’s Eve? The New York music scene is progressive, ever-innovative, inspiring, and artistic. These seven Latino DJs are breaking all barriers on what “Latino” music sounds like. Not only are they brilliant but they incorporate a mix of sophistication into the experience, motivating people of all ages to come out and be part of the Latino music revolution. So read below and check out who is hosting your ideal NYE party.

Christian Martir

Christian Martir HipLatina

Christian Martir

Playing Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and Nuyorican sounds of the 1960s and 1970s from Madison Square Garden to Mexico City, Christian Martir, founder of  Sociedad Records, is a Puerto Rican-born, New York native mixing the sounds of the past with the sounds of today to cultivate what was and what is for the future.


DMarquesina HipLaitna


Bringing back the nostalgic Caribbean music of the 80s and 90s and mixing it with contemporary English and Spanish music, Héctor Arce-Espasas and Glorimarta Linares around the United States and Puerto Rico. They have shared a stage with Tito El Bambino, Fonseca, Mala Rodriguez, Maluca, and many others. Check out their Facebook for ongoing event info.

iBomba by DJ Beto

iBomba HipLatina


Brooklyn, New York’s premier destination for global bass, digital cumbia, and future dancehall, iBomba is a DJ duo, DJ Beto & Dj Ushka focuses on playing the best new remixes, mash-ups, and progressive sounds from across the globe. Check them out their monthly residence at Bembe in Williamsburg every 2nd Thursday of the month. Facebook

Nina Sky

Nina Sky HipLatina

Nina Sky

Recording artists turned international DJs, New York-based Puerto Rican duo Nicole and Natalie Albino known as Nina Sky blew up on the music scene with contagious songs such as Move Ya Body and Turning Me On. Today they are on their way to become fashion icons and music mavens. Check out where they are performing on Facebook.

Que Bajo?!

Que Bajo HipLatina

Que Bajo

UPROOT ANDY & Geko Jones created Que Bajo?! in November of 2008 in New York City and after 7 years have become the #1 Tropical Bass Party. They have toured around the world bringing a mix of digital cumbia, Hip Hop, African-house, and Latin mash-ups raves to the people. Check out their Facebook page for details and upcoming events.

Rico Suave

Rico Suave HipLatina

Rico Suave

Founded in 2012, Rico Suave is a party with Ibero-American flair mixing pop, homemade rock, or crude electro might be followed by ass-poking tropical twang, ghetto cumbia, and funky rancheras. Least to say, with a unique funky groove they are becoming a new music age influencer. Often times they play alongside D’Marquesina in a Rico Suave versus D’Marquesina party around the city. Check out their Facebook for more events.


Rio Bamba HipLatina

Rio Bamba

Ecuadorian-Lithuanian DJ/producer RioBamba has stepped on the music scene full force influenced by her hybrid diaspora roots, borderless, digital dialogue, and bodega soundtracks. She incorporates stories of migration and displacement in a multimedia blend of YouTube clips and field recordings. Check out her upcoming performances on Facebook.




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