#TravelTuesday Best of Cuban Music from HipLatina with Playlist

Cuban Music with Songlist

Now that the travel ban has been softened, Americans are flocking to Cuba. I get it. The prohibition of 50 years and the enigma of an island that has barely changed visually since the 1950s is alluring. Travel to the Caribbean island is not as difficult as you might think. The time is now to experience some of the Cuban music up close, and see historical Cuba before it is acculturated by large brand companies.

However, some questions I ask myself when I read the news of a major increase in American travel to Cuba are: Do people know and understand the history of Cuba and the Cuban Revolution? Do they appreciate the culture and in turn respect it? Or are people going simply because they want to see Havana before it becomes gentrified? Is anybody interested in other towns such as Baracoa or Cienfuegos?

Cuban Musica HipLaitna

Cuban Musica HipLaitna

To help this effort of trying to understand the country, its history, and culture before visiting, let’s start by talking about music. Music is one way the people of a culture express themselves (or express the way their government controls them). In the case of Cuba, it is a very important element of national identity.





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