Tuesday Travel Instagram Favorites

 Beautiful Travel Images from Instagram in the last 48 Hours with almost 1 million likes

Over the last few weeks we have shared first hand experiences from our travel gurus: Damaly, Backpacking in the Caribbean and Olga, Dreams in Heels. Planes, trains, and automobiles have facilitated their immersions into local culture. Damaly shares her favorite spots in the Caribbean, including: architecture of Cuba, meditation retreats, and interviews with fellow travel experts. Olga has taken us on a different journey exploring the best spots to visit and dine in Quito, Ecuador, luxury hotels from around the world, and some yet-to-be published experiences in Berlin.

For our next bucket list of travel destinations we discovered some beautiful images on Instagram that have inspired our travel planning for 2017 to:

Costa Rica, Monteverde Reserve


Information for planning your visit to Monteverde Reserve. 




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