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Thinking about taking a trip this fall?

Our Travel Expert Damaly Gonzalez has taken HipLatina on the amazing journeys this year and hope the experiences will inspire you to take a new adventure, either to Cuba or your own backyard!

Damaly-Gonzalez HipLatina

Damaly Gonzalez is a traveler, Latino culture lover, yogi and mentor director. Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from Puerto Rican parents. Damaly, which means beautiful vision in Arabic, has been around the world, everywhere from Brazil to India. In the Summer of 2012, after deciding to quit her two jobs, she backpacked the Caribbean for 4 months.  She plans to backpack Cuba soon and is okay if she is not allowed back in the country. You can follow her life and travel journeys on Instagram @damaly.

Travel Cuba: A Peek a Cuban Architecture

Damaly Gonzalez HipLatina
Damaly Gonzalez

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Running Away to a Life in Florence: Life Lessons


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 A Path to Enlightenment: Traveling Meditation

HipLatina Meditation

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How to Travel at Home: Learn to Your Home Environment With a Traveler’s Eyes


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Tips for How to Transition Back Home From Traveling Abroad

HipLaitna Relax

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