Vicente Fernández Proves That Machismo and Homophobia Is Alive and Well

Vicente Fernández, a musical legend in Mexico, is known for a couple of things including his music and drinking habits. Fernández is not a stranger to the bottle, he typically drinks on stage during concerts. So it didn’t come to much surprise when doctors informed him in 2012 that they found a lump in his liver.

I thank [my fans] for all the tokens of affection that I have received,” Fernández said in a statement in 2012. “I’m with my family, and we hope that next week’s results are very good. Thanks to all the people who love me and have offered ​​prayers for me. Their support gives me the strength to keep going.”

While the 79-year-old didn’t have cancer, he did have to have liver surgery. Later in 2012, he had a hepatectomy, which is a “surgical procedure to remove a portion of the liver.”

Now, years later, Fernández is disclosing more information about that critical time by giving some appalling statements about his life-saving procedure.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper, El Universal, Fernández said that when the doctors informed him he needed a liver transplant, he didn’t want to get a liver from a gay donor or a person that was a drug addict.

“Me querían poner un hígado de otro cabrón y les dije: ‘yo no me voy a dormir con mi mujer con el hígado de otro guëy. Ni sé si era homosexual o drogadicto.”

Those were his exact words, which translates to calling donors “sons of bitches.” He also said that he wouldn’t sleep in the same bed as his wife if he had a liver of a “homosexual or drug addict.”

This man has some nerve and is a perfect example of a privileged individual. Not only is he receiving the best medical care, but how dare he offend other people in his reasoning for not getting a donor. What’s especially upsetting about all this is that Fernández makes these kinds of statements — and has his entire career — because he knows he can get away with it. He knows his fans will support him and his work, regardless of what he says.

Fernández has embraced machismo and homophobia since the inception of his singing and movie career. He has conditioned the myth that men — specifically Mexican men — have to be strong, show no sensitive emotions, be players, and disrespect the gay community. This kind of mindset only contributes to the toxic masculinity that only hurts our culture, but also women and even men themselves.

In the interview, Fernández goes on to say that he actually left the hospital when they informed him they had a liver donor ready to go.

If Fernández is reading this, I’d like to say that I wouldn’t in a million years take a life-saving donation from a bigoted, entitled, homophobic, and machista individual like you. It’s 2019 and time to lay off the homophobia and machismo. We’re not here for it and you better believe we’ll come at you for it!




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