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‘Vida ‘ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Gentrification and Reunification

Throughout the season, we’ve seen Lyn go to Doña Lupe for spiritual help (though she always seems unsure whether or not she believes in it). This time, it’s not just her that’s getting cleansed. She’s doing an entire limpia of the bar, perhaps to make sure the next concert goes off without a hitch? Or maybe it’s because her sister has mentally checked out. In the next scene, we see just how much: Emma’s un-showered self is on the couch eating take-out and watching television. Lyn tries to coax her sister into getting up and doing something, but Emma just laughs and ignores her efforts, making sure to bring up how she’s been cleaning up after Lyn for years. 

Once alone, Emma opens up her mail to find an invoice from Baco for absolutely zero dollars. It’s not something she can take lightly, so she ends up going to see Mr. Nava at his house. What we find, though, is a party—for one of Baco’s relatives. He answers the door but while he tries to make the interaction brief, his mother comes out and invites Emma in for food. Not wanting to insult the woman, she agrees, and in she goes. Emma finally apologizes to Baco for her lousy behavior, and offers him a check for the amount she was quoted earlier. While we don’t get to see the entire interaction, it does appear as though Baco will forgive her. 

Meanwhile, we find Mari at a Vigilantes meeting where she finds one of the group members is spreading a video about Lyn, calling her “Coconut Becky.” The Vigilantes are planning a protest at the bar for that evening, and intend on throwing laundry detergent at Lyn (and possibly Emma). Mari is visibly concerned, and tries to dissuade them from their mission that evening, but no one listens. Mari, however, doesn’t explain her direct connection to Emma and Lyn: how she’s been living there thanks to Emma’s kindness. 

Back at the bar, we find Emma who—now that she’s more or less resolved things with Baco (and taken a shower and put on fresh lipstick for that matter)—seems ready to get back to business. But who should she encounter first but Nico, mid-way through throwing out the trash. Emma does her best to freeze her out, but Nico is persistent. She doesn’t want to keep pretending nothing is going on. She apologizes for her ex’s behavior. And then she does what we’ve been waiting for: she lets her know exactly how she feels.

“I like you…way too much for comfort,” Nico confesses.

It’s not long before the two embark on one of the hottest sex scenes of the season: starting out outside, moving over into the bar’s graffiti-ridden bathroom (remember that graffiti held special significance for the both of them), only pausing temporarily for Nico to wash her hands (so considerate). These two deserve all the awards because that all was beyond convincing, just sayin’! 

As the pair have been getting it on, outside the bar has already started the concert, with dozens of folks enjoying their time at Vida. The place is packed! But of course, a group from Vigilantes is right outside protesting against the so-called “genties” and telling them they aren’t welcome. We even see Mari there, but she’s quietly observing from the back. 

Lyn decides to walk out and confront the group. She let’s them know that she’s actually from the barrio herself. When they bring up the community mural, she reminds them that it was her own mother who had it painted, and that it was in a building that belonged to her and her sister. She even brings up how she’s only hiring Latinx artists, how she wants it to be a community space—but it doesn’t matter. They’re already sure of who she is, and before you know it, Yoli throws a giant open box of powdered soap directly into her face.

Emma, fortunately, was just about to walk out as she witnessed the ordeal. She immediately runs over to clock Yoli and once she’s dropped her to the ground, keeps on throwing punches. Nico grabs hold of her and lets the cops know it was Yoli who threw the soap. Emma takes her sister to the bathroom and helps her wash off. Despite their differences and difficulties in coexisting, sometimes there’s just no denying familia. While it was an unpleasant situation, it served to finally bring them back together.

More than that, Emma looks around and sees the sea of people who were there due to Lyn’s efforts. Despite Lyn’s other shortcomings, it seems she’s found exactly where she shines. 

“This is good, Lyn. You did good.”

It’s enough to make Lyn burst into tears, with Emma looking on with some sympathy at her sister. 

Final Notes

We see Eddy in just a couple of scenes this episode, but don’t really get much closure regarding her current feelings about Vida’s secret. She’s avoiding the bar because she doesn’t want to tell the girls their mother’s been lying this whole time. And there’s one sequence which appears to be a dream, with Eddy at a church potentially confronting Vida’s husband. Not much more is shown, though, so my guess is we’ll be revisiting this plot point next season.

Councilman Rudy also makes an appearance early on, but it’s still not clear what’s going on there. Is Lyn back to ignoring Johnny (or being ignored by him) since his baby was born? Or was she just playing the Councilman card? 

So glad Nico and Em finally got it together for one final episode. Here’s hoping there’s plenty more queer latina love in the next season.

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