‘Vida’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Growing Pains

A lot of things happen in this episode that we’ve needed to happen for some time: Eddy finally faces the reality that Emma’s known for years—Vida wasn’t perfect, not even close. Lyn realizes once more that there is always going to be someone more important than her in Johnny’s life. And Emma gets called out for her cold behavior, and it sticks. This is how it all goes down…

Nico, Emma, and Baco

Last episode left off with a sweet scene between Emma and Nico, snuggling in bed. We open with the pair making an elaborate breakfast, looking like quite the happy new couple. But joy doesn’t seem to last long on this show, and this scene is no different. Suddenly, a petite woman bursts through the front doors and runs over to Nico, happily greeting her and even jumping on and kissing her as a lover might. Emma is taken aback, and moreso when she finds out that it’s Nico’s ex. Nico does her best to try and ease tension but Emma’s already out the door.

In a later scene, Nico tries to talk to Emma again at the bar, but she gets shut down. Instead, Emma brings in Baco (the handyman) into her office for a quickie—maybe to relieve tension, maybe to drown out her anger at Nico. Regardless, by the end, Baco speaks up and lets Emma know that she’s a terrible person who uses people like him whenever it’s convenient. She protests initially, but once he tells her she’s a shitty person and walks out, you can see a shift in her. In a later scene between Emma and Lyn, you can tell it’s hit Emma hard when she admits to being an awful person. Seems like Emma’s got some thinking and growing to do.

Lyn, Johnny, and the Baby

Meanwhile, we find Lyn and Johnny still in his pickup truck, reliving old fantasies. They spend the day together, but Johnny makes it clear that they can’t parade whatever they’re doing around town—out of respect for the mother of his baby-to-be. And speaking of which, by the end of the episode, Johnny gets the phone call that will likely change everything from here on out: Karla is officially in labor and he’s about to become a father. Where does that leave Lyn? Who knows. Maybe she should focus on Councilman Rudy again?

Eddy Discovers Vida’s Secret

We see Eddy spending one too many hours playing video games and eating Cheetos, clearly depressed and unsure what to do next. Her friend Rocky informs her she needs to start doing something and maybe fighting for the building and bar. Rocky brings over a lawyer friend to help Eddy, but then Eddy gets some bad news: Not only is she not legally married to Vida, not only does California not recognize common law marriage, and not only does she have zero claim to the bar or building, but Vida was lying to her about something major this whole time. 

For years, Eddy had been operating under the assumption that Vida was a widow. Even Lyn and Emma believe their father is dead. As it turns out, Vida made it all up. The girls’ father is very much alive. She was still legally married when she “married” Eddy. And now Eddy has to cope with the fact that her dead wife was lying to her for years. And for what? Maybe we’ll find out next episode…or next season?




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