This Video Captures How Black immigrants Are Treated in The U.S. HipLatina

This Video Captures How Black Latinx Immigrants Are Treated in The U.S.

We live in a country built by immigrants and yet our government treats them cruelly, as if they were all criminals. This is especially the case with immigrants coming from Latin America and we’ve seen that with the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy and the separation of families at the border. A new video that recently went viral proves how cruelly black Latinos and just black immigrants in general are treated.

Darlin Suazo is a Honduran woman who migrated to the states and was separated from her child. After two months of separation, Suazo was finally reunited with her daughter but the things this women had to endure are hard to stomach. On top of being Latina, Suazo is also black, which many believe added just another layer to the mistreatment she had experienced. The officers at the detainment center didn’t even refer to Suazo by her name, instead they chose to call her morena which means black woman or woman with dark skin in Spanish.

The officers are so evil they went went out of their way to tell Suazo’s kid that she didn’t want her. Can you imagine the trauma that poor kid probably experienced?

“They told my daughter that I did not want her … and that I did not want to see her. She started to cry and screamed,” Suazo recounts. “She was told I signed a document stating that I had chosen to get deported to go back to my country, and that I didn’t want to see her.”

Being an immigrant coming into this country is difficult enough but being a person of color—especially a black person—just adds another layer that it makes it that much more likely you’ll experience cruel and unjust treatment. Suazo’s story is devastating. Fortunately she was able to reunite with her daughter but no parent—no human—should have to experience what she did.

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