Vodka-Infused Grape Tomatoes: Porqué no?


I recently visited the tomato farm Florece Hidroponia (Blossoming Hydroponics), between the mountains in the town of Morovis, about 45 minutes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This hydroponic plantation produces tomatoes all year round, from beefsteak, to grape, to roma.

I returned home with a half-pound of grape tomatoes. Juicy, exquisite, freshly picked with an intense red color. Just like cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes tend to be favorites for people of all ages. Their size makes them perfect to eat at barbecues as the simple fruit that they are. You can use them in salads, appetizers, and cocktails (why not?)

As a matter of fact, just a few days ago, I received a bottle of vodka as a gift. Why not combine the tomatoes with the vodka?

I was inspired by the appetizer from the blogger Lisa Thiele, of SheKnows. The prep time is far less than the time required to absorb the vodka, for which you’ll need at least five days.

This is a fantastic recipe to serve prior to cocktails and/or during your weekend get togethers. Remember to keep them away from children and let your guests know that the tomatoes have been infused with vodka and contain alcohol. You can eat them on their own, seasoned with salt, or with a tasty cured ham.

The longer the tomatoes are submerged in the vodka, the more liquor they will absorb. You won’t notice the vodka in the tomatoes immediately, but by your third you’ll be feeling it. Remember that you are consuming alcohol indirectly. Eat and enjoy with caution, especially if you plan to have beverages later.

Take advantage of the vegetables from your garden or local farmer’s market to experiment, prepare and serve creative recipes.

Perla Sofia Curbelo is a home gardener in Puerto Rico. She’s an educator and spokesperson for topics in agriculture and urban gardening. Check out more of her ideas on her blog.

Translated by / Traducido por Bill O’Connor




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