‘Vogue’ Features Latina Rodeo Competition In Stunning Profile

This week, Vogue published an exceptional look at a rodeo competition in Mexico for women called Escaramuza. I’ve always been fascinated and in awe of female charras — women in traditional Mexican “cowboy” attire. I put cowboy in quotes because the ranch industry and sport has always been dominated by men. But in this fabulous spread, Escaramuza is brought to the limelight in all its stunning charm.

vogue rodeo HipLatina


The profile is dominated by incredible video and images shot by Devin Doyle who spent extensive time with this group of people. The article explains what Escaramuza is all about: “Escaramuza, an event within the larger rodeo-like sport known as charrería (now recognized as Mexico’s national sport) is comprised of teams of up to 16 women (though only eight can compete at a time) performing a series of routines inside a lienzo charro, or stadium, at breakneck galloping speeds—all while riding sidesaddle.”




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