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Why Vote? Thoughts from HipLatina

We at HipLatina know that many of our readers may not feel overjoyed about voting this November—some are less than thrilled by the two major party candidates, some may feel that their votes don’t really matter, that they can’t really affect change. For anyone out there feeling any of these ways, we have a message for you.

Amiga, this election matters! Here are 5 Reasons to Vote in November 2016:

It’s time to get some real work done in Washington. It’s not just the President on the ballot—we’re picking congress, too! The current elected officials may not represent your best interests. We have all seen enough years of gridlock in Washington, and the way to change that is to choose a congress willing to work for change.

  1. The issues matter. Who do you want picking the next three Supreme Court justices? Most Americans believe in common sense gun control. But the NRA has a stranglehold on congress. Change will require new leadership. See #1 above. What could get done if congress and the President were on the same page?
  2. Does Trump represent you? Us either. You liked Bernie? Us too. His best ideas have dramatically influenced the Democratic platform. The Donald doesn’t like to cloud his campaign with facts, so let’s make sure he never gets near the Casa Blanca
  3. You like living in a free country? Us too! The right to vote is taken for granted in the US. Many countries are fighting for this right, and we have had it for decades. Higher voter turnout reflects the representative democracy. To voters go the spoils! If you don’t vote, your voice is not counted. Latino voters, from millennials on up, have the power. Let’s use it.
  4. Hillary is human! She is smart, skilled, and capable of changing her views in light of new information. She makes mistakes, just like each one of us.
  5. While voting is a right, we believe it is more of an obligation! The large numbers of eligible voters that don’t go to the polls is difficult to explain, and harder to justify. Take your husband, and your primos and go vote! First things first, get registered to vote here with our friends at Voto Latino.

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