Welcome New Contributors Uka Green & Lorena Sebastian from Puerto Rico

We are pleased to welcome our first two collaborators who are writing from Puerto Rico: Uka Green and Lorena Sebastian. This dynamic mother and daughter will be creating original content for health, beauty, and wellness. Stay tuned for beauty and makeup video tips in Spanglish by Lorena, and Uka will share her tips in Spanish on how to navigate life as fabulous 50-something with laughs, love, and friendships that lead to a healthy and positive outlook.

Uka Green

The San Juan native graduated from the School of Communications at the University of Puerto Rico, and has followed an aritistic journey of more than thirty years from international journalism to public relations. Green has also become TV on-air talent, beginning on Tu Mañana on Univision Network and Los 6 de la Tarde during the 1st season. She is currently a weekly guest on La Buena Vida TV, and is the host of La Rosa de Guadalupe that airs on Una Buena Tarde.

Married with four children, Uka shares her life stories with honesty, inspiration, and humor through her column: “Uka Green Cuarentaytantos”, which has established a strong community on social media. Today Uka Green is one of the most sought after communication strategists in the music industry in Puerto Rico.

Lorena Sebastian

A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lorena is a rising Makeup Youtube star. Through beauty tutorials she teaches makeup application and shares beauty tips. A cosmetology graduate of the Modern Hairstyling Institute, she is emerging as one of the most promising Latinas in the field of beauty vlogging.  At the age of 22, Lorena Sebastian has already found her own voice in beauty, with effective tutorials that seek to educate and entertain with a touch of humor.

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