What Type of Millennial Are You?

In their prime and having been shaped by technology, the millennial cohort is known for indulging in a very unique and trendy lifestyle that is fueled by gluten free açai bowls, avocado toast and green juice. From spending countless hours on social media, invading insta-worthy coffee shops, and taking countless vacations in order to “find themselves”, millennials are not your traditional bunch and are not fit for a 9-5 job. Millennials come in variety, from being techies to being parents to being hip to even being the old school millennial that claims that deep down “they are not millennials”. Regardless, the struggle is always SO real. Take the quiz and find out which type of millennial you are based on your qualities and tendencies!


What's your marital status?

What's your favorite holiday?

Pick a destination for a vacation:

When it comes to your career, what's most important to you?

What do you drink in the morning?

What is your favorite social media platform?

How many kids do you want to have?

What do your Sunday plans look like?

What Type Of Millennial Are You?
A Hightech Millennial

You live for your smart phone. You are highly active on social media and might even be a content creator. You have no idea where you'd be without the internet.
A Old School Millennial

Unlike your millennial counterparts, you don't subscribe to the latest millennial trends. You don't have a Facebook account and think smartphones are ruining our brains. You're a pretty conservative person in nature and prefer tradition over novelty.
A Hip Millennial

When people look at you, they know 100% that you're a millennial. You're always wearing the latest trends and styles as seen on Instagram. love everything millennial from essential oils to succulents to vape pens.
A Millennial Mommy

You're a young millennial mom who loves to pamper her little one with all the latest baby gadgets and gizmos. You see your parenting journey as an opportunity to make either world a better place reusable diaper at a time.

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