Which is The Most Epic Show? Beyoncé’s Formation vs. Taylor Swift’s 1989

Taylor Swift


As a young concert going aficionado (seriously, I’ve seen Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and the Rolling Stones all within the last year. Jealous?) I think arguably the two largest tours within the last year, Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, and Beyonce’s Formation world tour, both equally mind-blowing and successful shows. Both women have incredibly different approaches to showmanship. Can we discover whose show is best?

At one end of the spectrum, we have Tay-tay in all her dating revenge/best friend/kick back against the cool kids glory, who’s risen to the top of the music ladder and wants to welcome her fans into her youthful pop playground: #Squad Goals.

On the other end we have the indomitable Queen Bey, ever evolving, and ever present pop goddess, ruling the Bey-Hive with the grace and poise of a seasoned professional. #Bowdownbitches




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