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Which Iconic Jennifer Lopez Music Video Do You Belong In?

As one of Hollywood’s leading Latinas, Jennifer Lopez has always captivated us through her successful career as a dancer, singer, actress, mother and so much more! Ain’t it funny, that even at the age of 49 and in her everlasting prime, J. Lo continues to be a major inspiration within the Latinx community. Her ability to be incredibly successful and remain humble is an inspirational message she’s been emitting since ’01… that Love Don’t Cost a Thing! Based on how you answer these questions, we’ll tell you which iconic throwback J. Lo music video you belong in!


What’s your idea of a fun night on the weekend?

How would you describe your go-to makeup look?

How do you feel about lip liner?

Which J. Lo classic is the ultimate throwback?

What is your favorite Jennifer Lopez movie?

What are your feelings toward hoop earrings?

What’s your go-to hairstyle?

What is a staple color in any closet?

What’s your go-to work out?

Where would you go for a weekend getaway?

Which Iconic Jennifer Lopez Music Video Do You Belong In?
Get Right

You got J. Lo’s 2005 hit, Get Right! You’re always up for a great night out and ready to dance the night away!
I'm Glad

You got J. Lo’s 2002 hit, I’m glad! You have an eye for creativity and an artistic way of getting things done!
If You Had My Love

You got J. Lo’s 1999 hit, If You Had My Love! You’re a passionate fan of J. Lo and she will forever hold a special place in your heart!
Love Don't Cost A Thing

You got J. Lo’s 2001 hit, Love Don’t Cost a Thing! And your love for her don’t cost a thing!

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