Which Latinx Country Should You Visit This Summer?

Summer is upon us and the big question here is where am I off to next? Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural inspiration, or educational experiences, Central and South America have got the places for you. Drowning in history, gorgeous beaches, lively cities, and obviously the best foods known to humankind, a Latinx destination is always a good idea! Whether it’s the vacation of a lifetime or you’re simply just looking to get out of the office for a week, there’s a place for you and we’ll tell you what it is! Based on how you answer these questions, we’ll tell you which Latinx country you should take off to asap! Bon Voyage!


How would you describe your ideal vacation?

On average, how much time do you usually spend on vacation?

What do you look forward to most on a trip abroad?

Who will you be traveling with?

How much are you looking to spend while abroad?

Do you cut out technology while traveling?

Is nightlife a priority on vacation?

Are you a planner or do you go with the flow?

How adventurous will you be with food?

How open are you to new cultural experiences?

Which Latinx Country Should You Visit This Summer?
Cancun, Mexico!

You got Cancun, Mexico! Your vacations are all about relaxation, soaking up the sun and kicking back while enjoying all the drinks you can drink. Salud!
Lima, Peru!

You got Lima, Peru! You’re always seeking good food, educational experiences and of course site seeing!
San Jose, Costa Rica!

You got San Jose, Costa Rica! You’re all about adventure and being outdoors, and Costa Rica has everything you’re looking for!
Buenos Aires, Argentina!

You got Buenos Aires, Argentina! You live for the city lifestyle and a leisure vacation. You might enjoy stumbling upon a coffee shop and catching a soccer game!

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