Why Your Vote Matters

Hip Latina Vote

Why Vote?

Latinos need to vote because the President and congress will make decisions that will affect the lives of their families and communities for decades to come. Every policy on education, health, finance, and citizenship will be formulated in a vacuum if Latinos don’t show up and vote. The power of the individual and groups to effect institutional change in this country has been shown time and time again.

But the likelihood is few Latino voters will take advantage of the power within their reach. According to the Pew Research Center, Latino voters born since 1981 make up 44 percent of the 27.3 million Hispanics eligible to choose the next president. There are also 3.2 million Latinos who reached voting age since Obama’s reelection in 2012. That’s a big number, but if the past is an indication, Latino millennials won’t come close to reaching those numbers on election day.






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