#Women2Watch: Top Latinas in Politics and the Community

Looking back on 2016, lots of us have gone through some tough times—not everything turned out as we might have expected. So as we enter 2017, we all could use some inspiration to effect positive change and keep fighting for what we believe in. This week’s edition of #Women2Watch features accomplished Latinas who made a splash in the Latino community and politics over the past the year.

Journalist Soledad O’Brien

Soledad Obrien Hiplatina

Soledad O’Brien

The award-winning journalist and producer has tackled controversial subjects for major prime-time news networks and began Starfish Media Group in 2013, which focuses on telling stories from marginalized populations. This year, she organized the #IAmLatinoInAmerica conference at El Museo del Barrio in East Harlem, which was aimed at highlighting issues of importance to the Latino community, like voting, public, education, and Latino media presence—often overlooked with so much media attention going to the immigration debate. She was also the host of American Graduate Day on PBS which provides support and resources for high school students to stay in school until graduation.





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