#Women2Watch Paying it Forward

This week we bring you four outstanding #women2watch who are making a real difference in the struggle for female empowerment on every level—from stopping forced prostitution and slavery to coaching women on how to put the poverty mindset behind them.

Deborah Gillis, Catalyst President and CEO

Deborah Gillis | HipLatina

Photo Courtesy | DiversityJournal.com

Catalyst is a badass nonprofit organization dedicated to the inclusion of women in the workplace. These folks do research and host events to show major corporations how they can benefit from hiring and respecting women—and they’ve been at it since 1962. Deborah Gillis, a fierce breast cancer survivor and veteran of testosterone-heavy workplaces, serves as President and CEO of Catalyst. Read more about her here.














Laura Parker, The Exodus Road VP of Communications

We recently profiled The Exodus Road, an incredible organization helping to stop human trafficking around the world. Laura Parker co-founded TER and currently serves as VP of Communications. She is also a wife, an intrepid traveler, and a mother of three—check out her twitter feed for a steady stream of life-affirming images, videos, and concepts.

Laura Parker

Laura Parker | Exodus Road

Learn How Exodus Road is Helping Stop Human Trafficking profile from HipLatina.com


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