#Women2Watch Paying it Forward

Yesi Morillo-Gual, Founder and President of Proud to be Latina

Morillo-Gual has 25 years of wall street experience, managing a finance firm. She also goes to graduate school for professional writing. And in her spare time, she advocates for women to change their poverty mindset through her work with Proud to Be Latina. PTBL helps women from lower income families navigate corporate jobs, and figure out how to move beyond what they were taught to expect, in regards to work and money. 

This truly inspiring woman recently gave a TED X talk that will make you rethink your financial mindset.



María Rogers Pascual, Prospera Executive Director

Last year we profiled the awesome work of Prospera, a nonprofit focused on helping low-income women start their own small businesses.

María Rogers Pascual, Prospera Executive Director

María Rogers Pascual, Prospera Executive Director

Maria Rogers Pascual, a multilingual, Mexican-American powerhouse, has taught communications courses, coached business leaders, and worked as a consultant for leadership development. She’s been with Prospera since 2015, and we can’t wait to see her next move.





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