From Our Archives – Mind, Body and Soul – Taking care of YOU!

“To find the way, close your eyes, listen closely, and attend with your heart.” – Anonymous

We live in the age of technology. Cell phones, text messaging, social media and emails; we are constantly bombarded with a flood of information. What should make life easier has been the cause of increased stress and discontentment. Despite all of its perks, technology is no match for the human spirit. We have the ability to process information better than any computer but sometimes lose touch with our intuition. Every aspect of who we are is connected. Learning how to take care of yourself means streamlining your focus on your women’s spirit by tapping into your mind, body and soul.

Exercise and eating right can promote health and wellness of our spirit. Here are some ways to help find your center:

Exercise – The hardest part of exercising is finding something you enjoy doing and being consistent with it. Participating in 150 minutes a week of moderate to intense physical activity will promote good health. Exercising can be enjoyable, grab a friend to help take your mind off the time and provide emotional support. Brisk walking, aerobics and jogging are all great forms of exercise and excellent for reducing stress.

Healthy foods – In addition to exercise eating right is essential. Mid-afternoon is when your body needs that extra boost. Replacing unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits and vegetable such as blueberries, celery with peanut butter, nuts and seeds will enhance brain activity and increase your energy level.

Meditate – When you meditate you put yourself in the mindset of intended thought, reflection or spiritual contemplation. Yoga combines the art of meditation by centering all of your energy, using controlled breathing and involves all of your senses. It is also beneficial in reducing stress, building your spirit and promotion of emotional stability.

Through your mind, body and soul you have the ability to tune into who you are. You nourish you temple by eating healthy foods and meditating on your inner beauty. You are a woman whose spirit is mysterious, curious and strong. Despite all of its advantages no form of technology could ever do that.




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