Yesi Morillo-Gual, Founder of “Proud To Be Latina”

Proud To Be Latina (PTBL) is a personal and professional development network to help middle-management Latinas in corporate America rise to their full potential, navigate their career or business ventures with extra confidence, and create an actionable plan for the future.

Yesi Morillo-Gual, a Dominican-American entrepreneur, founded PTBL while a senior executive at a top Wall Street financial services firm and being the only Latina at her executive level. Since then she has considered PTBL to be her most personally rewarding business. PTBL hosts free monthly conference calls with approximately 150 people on a specific topic related to business. In addition, it hosts quarterly networking events and annual Empowerment Conferences held in New York City every June with influential professional and top industry speakers, outstanding workshops, and encouraging the building of networking connections.


Morillo-Gual has always been an entrepreneur, running her first business as a typist while in college. That led her into working as a Virtual Assistant, and in 2006 she began a Notary Public business that paid for her Masters and PhD degrees and allowed her to graduate debt-free.

Latinas are the fastest growing demographic in the women’s entrepreneurial arena in the United States according to “The State of Women-Owned Businesses”

2014, which reports the Latina entrepreneurs run an estimated 1,033,100 businesses. Latina-owned firms are up 206 percent since 1997, employment has risen 85 percent with employment of 433,600 workers in addition to the owners, and revenues are up 160 percent and generate $71.1 billion in revenue.




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