You Are Not A Sad Sack! 5 Free Workout Videos to Try This Month

Workout Videos

5 Free Workout Videos

Have you ever tried to talk yourself out of doing something physically active because it’s raining and you can’t jog in the park where you usually jog, or your gym is closed for the holidays, or all of your workout clothes are dirty, or you’ve eaten too much, or you haven’t eaten enough, or your dog needs you?

Join the club. The Excuses for Why I Can’t Exercise Today Club is filled with members (perhaps especially in the U.S., and honestly, we’re so busy and anxious and overworked and bombarded with advertisements for “food” that it  makes sense why. But it doesn’t change the fact that being habitually sedentary creates a vicious cycle of overeating and lethargy and general sad sackness.

Just because you have legitimate excuses for not being able to work out doesn’t mean you should use them. Next time you find yourself reasoning that you can’t go to the gym today because the new season of your favorite show has just been released on Netflix or you’re exhausted after staying up late to prepare the presentation that you totally killed today and you deserve a break, dammit—remember that exercising makes you feel better, even if it’s just 10 minutes of following along to a YouTube video. Speaking of which, here are five totally free workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room—even if it’s raining, and you’re out of clothes, and fluffy threw up in the car.

Become Beyoncé With This Sexy Dance Workout

Move over Miami-nightlife-inspired dance moves, we’re not even concerned with you. The real draw here is clear. You don’t need encouragement to do something that will transform you into the woman most of us have pretended to be (often while lounging semi-nude in the vicinity of a full-length bedroom mirror and the song “Drunk in Love”).




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