Your Weekly Tarotscope for June 30 – July 6, 2019 Revealed

Theme of the Week: Knight of Pentacles


This week the Knight of Pentacles grounds himself firmly along our paths. Something is going to be offered, but you may be hesitant to receive it, or you may simply not know it even exists yet! There is a sense of inaction this week, as one area, in particular, becomes stalled. This isn’t to say it won’t move forward eventually, but for the time being, the pause button has been pressed, so take a closer look and figure out why. Then you can discern how to make some forward progress if you still desire to.


Cancer Tarotscope HIpLatina

Your Card: 9 of Cups


The 9 of Cups is behind you this week, dear Cancer. You have so much to show for all of your hard work, and you are not too shy to flaunt it. Be proud – you’ve earned this. Things are finally going your way and it is all up from here. What’s yours is yours. Be thankful for all of the blessings you have and protect them at all costs. There are many others out there who are much less fortunate, no matter how trying times may seem. You will do well to remember that this week, but it should feel as if you’re finally coming into your own and managing your life successfully now.


Leo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your Card: 10 of Swords

The 10 of Swords is putting an end to things this week, Leo. You are ending an old way of life and entering into a brand new chapter. This will be uncomfortable and you might be a little nervous about it, but do it anyway. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and it is time for you to make a big one if you plan on growing. Be honest with yourself about the type of person you want to be, the life you want to live, the type of people you want to be surrounded by, and goals you want to achieve. Then, make a pact with yourself to make it happen.



Your Card: 7 of Cups


The 7 of Cups floats above you this week, Virgo. You are dreaming big and why shouldn’t you? Although dreams can seem out of reach and unrealistic when they are in your head, the true reality is you can make them happen. All it takes is a little elbow grease and determination. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just take it a day at a time. Every morning set your goal for the day in whatever area of your life you’d like to improve. They say you can have it all, just not at once, but that doesn’t have to be true for you, Virgo. Consistency and prioritization are key.



Your Card: 10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands is killing your vibe, Libra. Well, not completely, but it is weighing you down from feeling footloose and fancy-free right now. You just want to enjoy your holiday weekend, but there is still so much to finish up and get done. The good news is you will probably be able to rush through most of your loose-ends this week so you can clock-out and have fun. The most important thing is really that you just get them done before moving on. If you procrastinate, you won’t be able to really enjoy yourself because the burden of what was left undone will be weighing on your mind. Just power through and the rest is gravy!


Scorpio Tarotscope HipLatina

Your Card: 5 of Cups


The 5 of Cups is feeling like a bummer this week, Scorpio. The problem here is not that life is handing you lemons, but that it is all you are choosing to see. Stop being such a negative Nancy and look at the bright side – choose to see the possibilities, not the shortcomings. You will find that you stand to lose much more in terms of camaraderie and company if you keep up this attitude. You are only caged if you let yourself be, so even if you have to go watch the fireworks on your own – make the conscious choice to go and enjoy your time. Happiness will follow.


Tarotscope Sagittarius HipLatina

Your Card: Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups is in your corner this week, Sag. You are on track to figuring out how to live not only your best life, but one that is in your best interest. It’s not all fun and games anymore — there is a time and place for that, but right now is the moment to take care of the important things in your life and this starts with yourself. You’ve got to fix the inner stuff in order to genuinely enjoy the outer stuff! Bring peace to your life and settle what needs to be settled. If that is a relationship, job, taking better care of your body, or treating yourself better in general, now is the time to recognize it and make a plan for better days ahead.


Capricorn HIpLatina TarotScope

Your Card: 4 of Pentacles


The 4 of Pentacles is squeezing tight this week, Cap. You are holding on for dear life, but at this point it could be a case of too little, too late. Regardless, you will bounce back. Keep yourself centered: mind, body, and soul, as well as in the center of things because you want to be where the action is now. This is how you will ensure you don’t lose it all. It is not a time for risk-taking or bargaining any further, Cap. You’ve taken your chances, now it is time to play by the rules.


Aquarius Tarotscope HIpLatina

Your Card: 7 of Pentacles


The 7 of Pentacles slows you down this week, Aquarius. You have no choice but to be patient now. You can try to assess all you want to figure out a way to speed things along and get moving, but things are going to unfold at their own pace. Collect your information piece by piece, and you might be able to put it all together before things fully unravel, but by then there is not much you’ll have control over anyway. Better to just let it happen and try not to worry yourself to death about it.



Your Card: 2 of Pentacles


The 2 of Pentacles weighs in this week, Pisces. You are a seesaw! You know what you want, then you don’t know what you want. You feel this way – but wait – you might feel that way. You need to develop some clarity now so you can get yourself going in one direction before you drive yourself (and possibly everyone around you) crazy. Contemplate all the ways in which you are unsure, then address them with someone who’s council you trust. This could be a close friend, a family member, or a therapist. You just need to stop going in circles!



Your Card: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is taking you to the top this week, Aries. Second place has no place in your mind. Like Ricky Bobby said, “If you’re not first, you’re last!” You are in a winner mindset. You know what you deserve and you won’t settle for less. Those days are over! Something recently has made you hyper-aware of your self-worth and all that you have to offer this world. Stay on track with this thinking because it has the potential to do you a world of good. Get the hater-blockers ready.


Taurus HIpLatina Tarotscope

Your Card: The Fool

The Fool skips into your world this week, Taurus! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and you’re feeling good! You’ve just completed a major cycle in your life. Kudos to you for coming out the other side with such grace. Now, the journey really begins. There are so many wonderful things ahead of you – revel in this time and enjoy it for all it’s worth. Don’t worry about the future, just focus on the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. You might want to shout some news from the mountain tops now, and that’s alright, but there is one detail you may want to omit for the time being. You will intuitively know what this is. Otherwise, live it up!



Your Card: 6 of Cups


The 6 of Cups gives you a feeling of deja vu this week, Gem. You may feel as if you are reliving an experience now. I am not feeling like this is your favorite moment, but understand that it isn’t happening with any ill-will or malice towards you. This is, in the bigger scheme of things, in your best interest — just as it was previously. You may wish things to work out in a certain way, and eventually, they will. But, they must manifest under the right circumstances. Trust that this has taken you further from what isn’t meant to be, and one step closer to what is perfect for you.

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