Zucchini Ribbons and Corn Salad With Light Shallot Vinaigrette

I love summer—I really think it is my favorite season of the year. Everything about it is and it always has been my perfect time of the year. As a kid, obviously I loved being out of school, waking up late, having nothing to do at all, in other words, lazy time.

As a grown up I continue to fall in love with this season, the produce, the sun, the light, everything. I even love having my kids around. I know this might sound crazy, and for sure it is more house work, but it is also happiness and life.

Again, I know I’m crazy, but having kids in and out of the house, with the amazing light the sun gives us during the  summer, their laughter and conversation makes me happy. I do have to confess that summer craziness makes me adjust my working schedule, the menu, and tons of stuff around the house. I find myself doing laundry at ten o’clock in the night and preparing super easy meals during the day at the weirdest times.

But these meals, not because they are fast and easy to prepare they are less delicious or healthy. Like this zucchini and corn salad: it is savory, fresh and done in a flash. It’s always a winner and it travels so easy for those summer picnics or pool meetings.

Corn and zucchini are in bloom during the whole summer, which means they are cheap and delicious during this months. These factors are very important when preparing raw salads because the better the produce, the better the flavors, benefits, texture and colors of the finished dish.

Zucchini ribbons and corn salad with a light shallot vinaigrette

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