About Us


Dedicated to highlighting the diversity of the U.S. Latina experience, HipLatina empowers and entertains by providing thoughtful, engaging content on the topics Latinas care about most. From politics to beauty to culture, we give a voice to our strong, forward-thinking readers.  Managing Editor Virginia Isaad helms the editorial team that consists of experienced journalists, content creators, and thought leaders who deliver high-quality original content, drive extraordinary community engagement, and ignite thought-provoking discussions.

HipLatina is honest and uplifting, with a shared goal of activating and inspiring our readers, whether it is to take action politically or personally. We face a lot of adversity as women of color, and specifically Latinas in the U.S., but we are also stronger than we think and it’s our job to remind our readers of that every day.

If you’d like to reach out to our team for editorial or advertising opportunities, please email us at editor@hiplatina.com