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News and Entertainment

31 Google Doodles That Honor Latinx Culture and History

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Over the years, Google has made it a point to celebrate several notable Latinxs through their Google Doodles, little pieces of art that replace the traditional Google logo and educate the millions of people who search on the site about...
joe biden despacito
News and Entertainment

Joe Biden Goes Viral After Playing ‘Despacito’ at Rally in Florida

Virginia Isaad
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden marked the first day of Latinx Heritage Month with his first campaign appearance in Florida. “’‘Despacito’ proved to me that in this country, we will never be defined by our differences,” said Louis Fonsi before...
HipLatina Biden Campaign Livestream
News and Entertainment

Join the Biden Campaign and Latino Victory Fund in Celebrating the Political Power of Latina Women

Mariela Rosario
On Thursday, September 17, Women for Biden and Todos con Biden — in partnership with Latino Victory Fund — will host a Hispanic Heritage Month event celebrating the political power of Latinas. The event, which will be moderated by Latino...

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