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Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson is a Boricua freelance writer and editor, and a full-time stay-at-home mom, with an expertise in everything related to entertainment, travel, food, wellness and parenting. She has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University, and has been writing professionally for more than a dozen years. She’s passionate about experiencing the world and its diversity of cultures through food and travel, especially with her husband and children. She’s also a self-professed book nerd and TV and movie addict.

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Anna Ortega Profile pic

Anna Ortega

Anna Ortega is a first-gen Venezuelan-American journalist and writer who graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Arts & Culture Journalism and is based in Columbia, MO. She enjoys writing about all things mental health, Venezuelan culture, first-gen identity, & more. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, knitting, eating arepas, and watching any horror or Latinx-led media.

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Laysha Macedo

Laysha Macedo

Chicana Laysha Macedo is an American Literature & Culture and Psychology student at UCLA and an intern at HipLatina. She focuses on the experiences of first-generation Latinxs while also writing on entertainment, news, and literature.  She has a passion for learning about Latinx representation in films, television, and books as well as discussing the shared experiences of first-gen Latinas in academia. 

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Sofía Aguilar

Sofía Aguilar is a Chicana writer and editor based in Los Angeles, California. In addition to her own creative projects, she frequently writes about politics, pop culture, media and entertainment, and representation of marginalized communities. A first-generation college graduate, she earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, where she received the Spencer Barnett Memorial Prize for Excellence in Latin American and Latinx Studies. You can find Sofía at sofiaaguilar.com.

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Dr. Lisette Sanchez

Dr. Lisette Sanchez is a bilingual licensed psychologist and founder of Calathea Wellness, a virtual practice providing individual therapy in California. She has a passion for working with BIPOC folxs and first-generation professionals.

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Patricia Alvarado

Patricia Alvarado is a psychotherapist and owner and director of the group practice, Alvarado Therapy & co-founder of Latinx Healthy Minds providing mental health programs for Latinx professionals.

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