Google Celebrates Selena Quintanilla Today With Spectacular Doodle

Selena Quintanilla is today’s Google Doodle! Yes, we were pretty surprised by this massive unveiling – that literally happened at midnight. But why today? It’s not her birthday, and it’s not the anniversary of her death. Today, 28 years ago, is the day that she released her first studio album release, the self titled Selena in 1989. But...




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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Mixed Reality Headsets Available Today; Announcing Surface Book 2

REDMOND, WA. — October 17, 2017 — (HISPANICIZE WIRE) - Microsoft Corp., on Tuesday announced the launch of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and experiences, and the introduction of the Surface Book 2. From the initial launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has been on a mission to empower the …

These Two Attorneys Have Found a Way to Better Serve Their Hispanic Community in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL – October 13, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) - Attorneys Alexandra López and Geraldine Arruela are passionate about serving the Spanish-speaking population in Chicago, as they themselves are immigrants to the United States. "Being an attorney is my passion. I like to help people, I like being a resource for the Hispanic population in …

Latino Immigrants’ Success Stories – By FitzGerald Law Company, Boston Immigration Law Firm

— Read five of our U.S. immigration client success stories —

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