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11 Latinas Using Their Platforms to Empower Through Education

Laysha Macedo
Academia is a difficult one to breakthrough especially as a woman and person of color, especially when it comes to Predominantly White Institutes (PWIs). According to a report from the Pew Research Center, Latinx adults are less likely to earn...
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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids of All Ages from Latinx-Owned Brands

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
We all know that the holidays are mostly for the kids, especially when it comes to gift giving. Of course we enjoy the festivities too, but the holidays wouldn’t feel nearly as special if it weren’t for the excitement and...
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Gift Guide: Indigenous Lifestyle Brands You Need to Shop

Sofía Aguilar
Supporting Indigenous businesses should happen year-round, especially during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. Rather than purchasing products that might exploit Indigenous communities, it’s essential to shop from brands owned and operated by Indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs, #InspiredNative,...
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Digame: Therapist Jacqueline Garcia is Destigmatizing Mental Health

Virginia Isaad
Digame is a monthly series featuring prominent Latinx leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, and public figures uplifting the community and making a difference. Jacqueline Garcia is a bilingual licensed clinical social worker who is using social media to amplify the importance of mental...
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Curly Hair Gift Guide Featuring Latinx-Owned Brands

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
You might not automatically think that gifts related to someone’s hair texture are a thing, but trust us…curly haircare can get really expensive, really fast, so it’s always awesome to be gifted new or even favorite products. Plus, anyone who...
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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Latina Foodie Friends featuring Latinx-Owned Brands

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Shopping for gifts for foodie friends is so much fun, especially if you’re a foodie yourself, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. You may not know every single cooking gadget or bit of decorative kitchen swag they already...
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Gift Guide: 12 Latinx-Owned Must-Have Wellness Products for Self Care

Nicole Young
Over the last year it has become clear that prioritizing wellness is essential as we continue to experience life amid a pandemic. With self-care being a top priority, why not give a wellness gift this holiday season? Wellness can be...
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Cactus is trendy! All the Cactus-Based Products You Have to Try Now

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
The world is starting to tell us something our ancestors already knew — cactus is a really useful and versatile plant! A wide variety of cacti are native to Latin America, and Indigenous people traditionally utilized them for many things...