7 Classic Telenovelas You Probably Grew Up On

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Romance. Drama. Laughter. More drama. Novelas have been a part of just about every Latina’s life, teaching us lessons, entertaining us, and revealing just how much we all love to bear witness to a cat fight or two. In order to provide you with a nice dose of nostalgia, we created a roundup of those classic novelas you probably grew up watching.

Los Ricos También Lloran – 1979

Los Ricos Tambien Lloran

This ‘70s novela stars the beautiful, iconic Mexican actress Veronica Castro, as Mariana Villareal. After Mariana’s father dies, her evil stepmother takes over the hacienda, forcing Mariana to escape to Mexico City, where she is adopted by a rich man and raised in the lap of luxury. The man has a son who, of course, becomes the love interest. Los Ricos Tambien Lloran (which translates to “The Rich Also Cry,” was the first global telenovela. It was a huge hit in Russia, where 200 million people watched the show’s finale.

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