Janel Martinez

Janel Martinez is an entrepreneur and multimedia journalist. She’s a staunch advocate for Afro-Latinidad, founding award-winning blog, Ain’t I Latina?, an online destination celebrating Afro-Latinas (women of African descent with roots in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean).

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Elizabeth Acevedo Centers Cuisine and Culture in ‘With the Fire On High’

Dominican-American poet and author Elizabeth Acevedo is bringing Afro-Latinx narratives to the publishing world. The Afro-Latina, whose debut novel, The…


Venezuela’s Juan Guaido Calls for Uprising to Topple President Nicolas Maduro

Reports are surfacing from Venezuela that opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced he was in the “final phase” of ending President…


New Study Reveals Puerto Rican Students Show PTSD Symptoms Post-Hurricane Maria

The impact of Hurricane Maria continues to be felt in Puerto Rico. The powerful storm, which struck the island as…


Inside Billboard’s Cover With Ozuna

Billboard unveiled their cover star for the April 20 issue, and it’s none other than our favorite urbano artist Ozuna….

Latinx Students At Columbia University Push for ‘Raza Grad’ Name Change

Several weeks shy of graduation, Columbia University Latinx students have joined forces to change the name of “Raza Grad,” the…


Madonna Releases Spanglish Single ‘Medellín’ Featuring Maluma

Madonna is back. It’s been four years since the Queen of Pop has released a new single, and Wednesday she…

AOC Addresses Puerto Rico’s Independence HipLatina

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Addresses Puerto Rican Independence on Instagram Live

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a strong command of social media. The 29-year-old Bronx-bred Boriqua turns to Instagram and Twitter to…

Aventura Set to Drop New Music for the First Time in 10 Years

Romeo Santos dropped a bombshell of an announcement on Tuesday. After 10 years, beloved bachata group Aventura is releasing new…


New Petition Wants to Make an Afro Hair Emoji Finally Happen

Emojis have transformed the way many of us communicate these days. While the signature smiley face always has a use, we’re…


Amanda Alcántara Speaks for Dominican Women with ‘Chula’

It’s the start to a busy week for Amanda Alcántara. We meet at Silvana in Harlem, New York just days…


Daddy Yankee Makes History on ‘The Late Late Show’

Reggaeton pioneer Daddy Yankee has always made historic moves. The multi-platinum artist made history Wednesday as the first-ever Spanish language…


Cardi B is Starring in Her First Major Film ‘Hustlers’ Alongside Jennifer Lopez

Afro-Latina rapper Cardi B has dominated the charts, racked up several endorsement deals, and smashed noteworthy records since her career…




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