Janel Martinez

Janel Martinez is an entrepreneur and multimedia journalist. She’s a staunch advocate for Afro-Latinidad, founding award-winning blog, Ain’t I Latina?, an online destination celebrating Afro-Latinas (women of African descent with roots in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean).

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20 Latinx Children’s Books That Should Be On Your Shelf

Growing up, it was difficult to find books that spoke to my experience as a Black Latina. Although there were…

Nathalie Farfan La Brujas Club HipLatina

Nathalie Farfan Encourages Latinas Worldwide to Embrace Their Inner Bruja

“Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you,” reads an Instagram post on La Brujas Club’s page. The post,…

Latina Beauty Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Business Lessons HipLatina

Latina Beauty Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Business Lessons

The beauty industry is big business. It is estimated that there are at least 40 beauty startups founded by women,…

America Ferrera Running For Office HipLatina

Is American Ferrera Planning On Running For Office?

America Ferrera is not one to stay silent surrounding today’s political climate. Choosing to use her platform during the 2008…

Selena Gomez Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health HipLatina

Selena Gomez Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health Again

Selena Gomez has entered a treatment facility after being hospitalized twice in the last two weeks, TMZ reports. The 26-year-old…

Latinxs Represented in Hollywood HipLatina

Netflix Stars Discuss Latinx Representation in Hollywood

We’re approaching the tail-end of Latinx Heritage Month—more commonly known as Hispanic Heritage Month. But brands aren’t showing any signs…

12 Historic Afro-Latina Figures You Didn’t Learn About In History Class

It’s no secret, history lessons aren’t as complete as we’ve been taught to believe. Entire nations have been erased, battles…

CBS News documentary on Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria HipLatina

CBS News’ Short Documentary Chronicles the Exodus of Puerto Ricans After Hurricane Maria

In the year following one of the worst natural disasters to hit Puerto Rico, an estimated 200,000 people have left…

Rosie Perez to Play Renee Montoya in 'Birds of Prey' Film HipLatina

Rosie Perez to Play Renee Montoya in DC Comics’ ‘Birds of Prey’ Film

DC Comics fans are in for a treat. This summer, it was announced that an all-heroine squad including Black Canary,…

Special protections for immigrants HipLatina

Judge Halts Trump Administration From Ending Special Protections for Immigrants

The state of Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, has been an ongoing concern for immigrant communities in the age of…

White Woman Stops Racist Attack Against Latinas For Speaking Spanish

There’s been a noticeable uptick in verbal attacks on people from diverse backgrounds since Trump has taken office. We’ve seen…

Black Women of Latin American Descent and How They Identify HipLatina

Afro-Latina vs. Negra: 5 Black Women of Latin American Descent Share How They Identify

Identity is layered. With the evolution of terminologies and expansion of definitions, it’s complex and far from static. For our…




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