Janel Martinez

Janel Martinez is an entrepreneur and multimedia journalist. She’s a staunch advocate for Afro-Latinidad, founding award-winning blog, Ain’t I Latina?, an online destination celebrating Afro-Latinas (women of African descent with roots in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean).

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8 Latin American-Centered Films Directed by Black Women HipLatina

8 Latin American-Centered Films Directed by Black Women

It’s no secret, the film industry isn’t diverse. From the directors and producers to the characters (with speaking roles) and…

Afro-Latinx HipLatina

Why We Need To Stop Referring To Afro-Latinxs as ‘Other Latinxs’

Being Black in a Latinx space is by design an othering experience. Just how melaninated you are, or tight and…

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15 Celebs Who Have Helped Puerto Rico In Ways That President Trump Hasn’t

It’s been a year since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, claiming nearly 3,000 lives and making it the second-deadliest storm…

‘Latinx’ Has Been Added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary HipLatina

‘Latinx’ Has Been Added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The word “Latinx” is now officially in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A somewhat controversial term, Latinx—pronounced luh-TEE- neks the website explains…

Sephora Is Selling a ’Starter Witch Kit’ in October And Brujas Ain’t Having It

Beauty behemoth Sephora is catching heat for its plans to carry a “Starter Witch Kit” in stores and online on…

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12 Women On How They Preserve Garifuna Culture

With the increase in visibility surrounding Afro-Latinxs in the United States, there’s also been greater recognition of identities within such…

Brazil National Museum Fire

Devastating Fire At Brazil’s National Museum is a Cultural Tragedy

Recognized as one of Latin America’s most prominent museums, Rio de Janeiro’s Museu Nacional caught fire Sunday night, destroying an…

12 Historic Afro-Latina Figures You Didn’t Learn About In History Class

It’s no secret, history lessons aren’t as complete as we’ve been taught to believe. Entire nations have been erased, battles…

‘Playing In the Sun’ Photo Series Captures HipLatina

‘Playing In the Sun’ Photo Series Captures The Beauty of The Afro-Dominican Experience

Colorism. Discrimination. Anti-Blackness. These are all terms that can dominate conversations centering Dominican identity. While it’s no secret the Caribbean…

Push Pedal NYC Founders Bring the Cycling Experience Uptown

There are no shortage of boutique indoor cycling studios in Manhattan, but venture past 96th Street and those same workout…

Garifuna HipLatina

What Does It Mean to Identify As Garifuna?

I vaguely remember one of my first trips to my parents’ homeland of Honduras. No more than six years old,…

Afro-Latinx Identity: How Haiti Exists Within The Definition HipLatina

Afro-Latinx Identity: How Haiti Exists Within The Definition

Afro-Latinx or Afro-Latino(a) are now widely-recognized terms. However, the identifier has been called into question with a recent mitú article,…




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