2020 Major Beauty Trends You Should Know About Now

As we count down the days left of the decade that was the ’10s, we look forward to 2020 and all it has in store for us. Part of the excitement of a new year are all the cool new trends we can’t wait to try out. While there are several fashion trends we already

Photo: Unsplash/@raphaellovaski

Photo: Unsplash/@raphaellovaski

As we count down the days left of the decade that was the ’10s, we look forward to 2020 and all it has in store for us. Part of the excitement of a new year are all the cool new trends we can’t wait to try out. While there are several fashion trends we already have our eyes on, there are just as many beauty ones that we already have on our radar —and you should too.

That’s why we are preparing you with 30 on-trend makeup, hair, and nail styles plucked straight from the 2020 runways, and that are creating a buzz in magazines, on Instagram, and beyond. Because a new year is all about finding new ways to be the still-fabulous you.

Floating Eyeliner


A big part of the graphic eye trend of the ’60s is what’s called floating eyeliner. It means there is a negative space between the eye and the liner. Sometimes it’s a line across the crease of the eye or a triangular shape on the corner. Other times, the negative space creates the liner itself. It can even be a completed wing with open space, like shown above. This retro trend that’s quite popular today will remain in trend in the upcoming year. Now is the time to think of your liner looks in terms of geometry.

Skinny Brows

After so many seasons of only seeing thick brows, we are going to see another ’90s trend pop up — skinny eyebrows. Don’t worry if you like bold brows, because they aren’t going anywhere, but the pendulum is also going to swing more towards the other end of the eyebrow spectrum to those days when brows were slimmer.

Sparkly Euphoria Rave Makeup

Thanks to the TV show, Euphoria, unique, fun ’90s throwback eye makeup is all the rage and will continue to be in 2020. We’re talking crystals, stars, glitter, pastel, and other such rave-tastic, vintage looks.

Jagged Bob

Beauty looks from the 1990s have been back in vogue for several seasons now. And many of these trends will continue right into 2020. While blunt bobs have been the main go-to choice for hair, a messier, jagged bob will be a popular, trendy option for next year.

Watercolor Eyeshadow


While laser-sharp, super precise eye makeup is stunning, there is something so pretty and artsy about color applied in a more haphazard, abstract way. Eyeshadow that creates a dreamy watercolor look is going to be a trend for 2020 that you might want to try out.

Accessorized Braids

Whether it was pearls, gilded adornments, or pieces of printed fabric, many braids on the 2020 runways were beautifully accessorized. This is a great way to glamorize and add detail to an otherwise everyday style, and give it a touch of your aesthetic, and/or a currently trending one.

Bright, Color Mascara

A lot of the trending beauty looks for the end of fall, and 2020 are all about taking classic looks and adding something unexpected. So many people wear black mascara every day, but trying it in a bold pop of color like cobalt blue or hot pink gives the lashes a whole new life.

The Money Piece


Back in the day, highlights were more obvious, and lighter hairstreaks were often seen on either side of the face. This contrasting hair trend, also known as the money piece, is going to be big in 2020. It will instantly brighten and bring attention to your face — where it should be!

’90s Obvious Lipliner

We spent so many years trying to blend lip liner into our lip looks, and now the ’90s are calling and asking us to showcase obvious liner again. This 2020 look will be seen with gloss, as well as part of a brown, ombre style.

French Manicure

Another big trend during the ’90s was the clean and classic French manicure. The go-with-anything mani is back now, and into 2020. We’ve seen it in its OG, white-tipped form, as well as with bright colors, different interpretations (like a reverse French, or double corner French manicure), and with fun touches like metallic polish.

A Neon Cat Eye

The cat-eye never really goes away, but it is given different revamps, like it has on the most recent runways. This classic liner was seen in all sorts of fun colors, including bright and cheery neon hues.

Flowers in Hair and on the Face

Spring and Summer 2020 took the floral idea and went full speed ahead with it. Blooms were seen tucked behind ears, woven into braids, and even affixed to the face (face decals are such a big thing right now).

Stained/Blurred Lips

While we saw a relaxed, painterly eyeshadow as part of the latest beauty trends, we also saw this blurred aesthetic on lips. Think blurred edges and soft tints that are a bit darker in the middle and fade outwards, in natural, rosy hues. And a glossy finish will also be popular — no matter the color.

Matchy-Matchy Makeup

Monochromatic, matchy-matchy makeup. We have seen this trend in 2019, and it will also be on-trend in 2020. It is a fun way to really dedicate your makeup look to one beautiful hue, be it a warm copper, or a pinky flush. This means eyeshadow, blush, and lip color — all working together as one.

Vintage-y Big Hair

Big hair was a big deal on the Spring and Summer 2020 runways. Whether it was the 1890s-1910s Gibson Girl, or ’60s bouffants as inspiration, voluminous throwback hair was a part of many shows.

’80s Two-Toned Eyes

A lot of the trending makeup looks take their inspiration from the 1980s when throwing on bright pops of color, or candy-hued pastels were done without a second thought. A trend for 2020 involves adding two contrasting colors to the eyes. We even saw a look where there was one color featured per eye.

Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail takes an every day way to get your hair back from your face, the ponytail, and gives it a glam, almost futuristic makeover. This easy to copy style is one of the many hair trends we saw for 2020, and fun to recreate.

White Eyeliner


One of the cool hues we saw in 2020 eyeliner looks is stark white. Whether it’s a traditional cat eye, or something way more artsy, you will be seeing white liner everywhere. It instantly opens the eye, makes you look more rested, and grabs attention.

Almond Shaped Nails

Each season, there are several nail trends that we can’t wait to learn about. One of the ones for 2020 is an almond shape, which has been in vogue for several seasons now. Some of the colors you’ll want to accessorize your nails with include ’90s pastels, glitter, metallics, happy yellow, and dark green.

Hot Pink Statement Lip

2020 is going to be all about having fun with makeup and trying cool new looks. You’ll see different shapes, colors, and accents that will take beauty ideas to the next level. A bright statement lip takes lipstick to the next level, even just with its color. Hot pink will be an on-trend shade worth trying.

Metallic Nails

Chances are, you’re going to reach for the metallic nail polish during the holidays, but feel free to keep wearing it right into 2020 — past New Year’s. Metallics will be a trend for nails, as well as glitter, and single appliques per nail, like crystals and pearls.


Bangs have had a moment in 2019, and are still going to be on-trend in 2020. Whether they’re curly bangs, blunt bangs, or fringe ones, these face framers tend to automatically make you look younger, add a level of purposeful chic to your pulled-back hairdos, and instantly give you a different look.

Glowing Skin

The no-makeup look will be back in 2020, as well as, glowing skin. This means a serious focus on letting your own beautiful skin shine as naturally as possible. And, of course, adding any extra glow that’s needed with dewy-finish cosmetics is great as well!

Strong Brows

We told you bold brows weren’t going anywhere. Thick eyebrows of several varieties will be on-trend in 2020, including soap brows, feathered brows, and glossy brows. What will change about thick brows, however, is that they will generally be lighter and less heavy-handed as what we have been seeing these past seasons.

Wet Hair


In 2020, the wet hair look will be in style. We have already seen some of this trend this year, and the effect can be sleek, sexy, and/or beachy. Try out different versions to find the best look for you!

Vinyl Lips

Glossy lips will definitely be a thing in 2020. We saw it with a muted, stained aesthetic, but also see it here with classic colors like red. When put over bold colors, the effect looks like vinyl. It is especially striking in inky black.

Fabric Wrapped Hair

Embellishment, be it on nails, the eyes, or hair is such a common thread among 2020 beauty trends. It is a way to extend accessorizing past jewelry, and really have fun being creative. A specific trend for next year is accessorizing ponytails and braids with fabric.

Barely There Nail Color

The good thing for those who don’t like embellishment is that there are also beauty trends that focus on minimalism and natural, there-but-not-really-there looks. This includes barely-there nail polish, in natural, yet beautiful soft pinks, and nudes, and even just a shiny topcoat on a bare nail.

Feathered Soap Brows

A specific eyebrow trend for 2020 is the idea of feathered brows. These are eyebrows that are brushed up and left like that, for a soft and natural, yet noticeable look. This is done with the assistance of a bar of soap and an eyebrow brush, or mascara spoolie (the soap keeps the hairs in place).

Yellow Nails


Within the various nail polish hues that are in style for Spring and Summer 2020, yellow is back in style again. We saw both bright yellow (Saffron is one of Pantone’s Spring-Summer 2020 colors from NYFW), as well as pastel yellow nails in this cheery mix.

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