5 Songs to Add to Your Holiday Playlist

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Having a holiday gathering sometime in the next couple of weeks? If so, here are a few song ideas for the most important part: the playlist.

This is not to say that your old holiday music is bad—it’s wonderful. It’s majestic. It’s probably also a little…well, old. I would never suggest completely altering something so precious as your holiday playlist, but why not inject the five songs below, and let them spruce it up? Think of them as a garnish. Or a wreath.

“The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball” by The Killers 

Brandon Flowers looks beautiful as ever in this charmingly wacky music video set in Las Vegas/an old Western (with surprise guests: robots!). The lyrics come from actual cowboy poetry—specifically an 1890 poem with the same name by William Lawrence “Larry” Chittenden.

I didn’t know any of this when I fell under the song’s spell after my friend, who was in a deep obsession with B. Flowers and his music, introduced it to me in southern Spain. One night she and I sat in our freezing apartment, trying to rally ourselves to go see a friend’s concert across town. We drank cup after cup of hot buttered rum and watched this music video on our couch, huddled under a blanket near the brasero.

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