17 Latino Songs To Add To Your Holiday Playlist

  The holidays are officially here

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The holidays are officially here. Thanksgiving might be over but Christmas and NYE’s are right around the corner. It’s around this time a year that the holiday songs start playing which is why we decided to put together a few song ideas for the most festive playlist yet.

This is not to say that your old holiday playlist was lame—we’re sure it was great. But a little update with some classic Latino songs won’t hurt anyone, right? Check these out and get into the Latino holiday spirit!


“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

Let’s just be clear. This song NEVER gets old. It’s a classic and practically the gold standard of Christmas songs.


Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano

Sure, you’ve probably heard this song your entire life—every single Christmas since you were a kid. But that’s because this is the ultimate Latino holiday song that we just can’t avoid. Play it and expect everyone in your family to sing along.


Jingle Bells by Celia Cruz

You haven’t heard a Jingle Bells song until you’ve Celia Cruz’s salsa version. Here’s a Christmas jam you can actually dance to!


“Bella Es La Navidad” by Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz

Another Christmas song that’s sure to get your family and friends on the dance floor.


Cantares de Navidad by La Billos Caracas Boys


Another old school jam that older generations in the family will appreciate.


Parranda Navideña by Trulla Express


A classic among Puerto Ricans families that’s often sang during door-to-door caroling.


Esta Navidad by Gloria Trevi

For the families that grew up listening to Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, this danceable Christmas song is a fave.


“Christmas Through Your Eyes” by Gloria Estefan


We all know Gloria Estefan for her famous 1985 “Conga,” “Get On Your Feet,” and “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” but don’t underestimate her holiday music skills. This Christmas song will get anyone in the spirit.


El niño del tambor by Rafael

This is the Latino version of the drummer boy song played at Christmas. A great classic to play to the kids.


Santa Claus Llego a La Navidad by Luis Miguel

There’s a Luis Miguel song for every occasion—even Christmas!


Lechon Lechon Lechon by Victor Manuelle


For all the Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Colombians who eat lechon and enjoy the cuerito on Nochebuena.


“Me Gustan Las Navidades” by Gilberto Santa Rosa


Another great Christmas-inspired salsa loved and dance by many Puerto Rican families.


“Last Christmas” by Rodrigo Ace

A hella popular Christmas song in the states turned Bachata. How can you not love this?


“Dame La Mano Paloma En Navidad” by Aventura

Speaking of bachata. How can anyone forget this Aventura jam? Because there isn’t anything more touching than confessions of love at Christmastime.  


“Deck The Halls” by Cuba L.A.

If you’re a fan of the famous “Deck The Halls” you’ve love this Cuban salsa version.


“Noche de Paz” by Andrea Bocelli

This classic Christmas song is a popular one especially when it comes to Nochebuena caroling.


“Vovio La Navidad” by Johnny Ventura

Merengue king Johnny Ventura’s “Vovio La Navidad” will get everyone up and dancing including your abuelitas and abuelitos.

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