30 Great ’90s TV Shows Featuring People of Color to Binge Watch

Photo: Kaitlyn O’Connell/YouTube

If you grew up during the ’90s, you probably remember all those dope television shows that highlighted Black, Latinx, and Asian culture, but may have been too young to really understand and appreciate how groundbreaking these shows were at the time. I definitely find myself watching reruns of In Living Color, A Different World, and Martin, and while I loved them all as a kid, I see so many layers now that I missed when I was younger.

Now that all-things-1990s are in vogue, these classic programs are reaching new audiences and giving older audiences some major nostalgia. Why not binge watch a cool ’90s show you loved or discover a new one?! I plan on taking a trip back twenty years ago to catch some cool fashion, POC representation and excellence, and a look at life when I was much younger than I am today. Oh, nostalgia.

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