8 Things I Learned About Alcoholism Since Going Into Recovery

Waking up one day and recognizing that you have an addiction is never easy. Whether you are addicted to sugar, alcohol like I was, or an illicit substance, entering into recovery is a decision that is brave and difficult. I should know. I began my recovery from alcoholism over two years ago now. In those two years, I learned some hard and very necessary lessons.

I learned how to socialize without drinking, the importance of having a support system, and what starting my life over looks like. It was never easy, but I continued to persevere with the help of my husband, my family, loyal friends, and my therapist. And, of course, of friends I have met in real life and online who are also on this journey of recovery. I’ve also learned lessons by reading great books from those who have been through this before you (and who have been doing it a lot longer and a lot more successfully) and have done my best to welcome newbies into the mostly wonderful world of being an addict in recovery. Although it’s not an easy journey, here are eight lessons that I have learned in these past two years of being sober.




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