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America Ferrera Wants to Capture the Resistance Movement

America Ferrera has launched a new project that will document the rise of activism taking place in United States as of the result of the presidential election. Her venture is called Harness and was co-founded along with her husband Ryan Piers Williams, and Wilmer Valderrama, Remezcla reports.

Ferrera began Harness earlier this year, and has been extensively promoting it on various television programs. According to its Facebook page, Harness, in partnership with Hearst Magazines Digital Media, is “bringing together influencers from all communities to harness their power and create change.”

While on the Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, Ferrera said that Harness is about “convening with front line activists to hear authentic stories about what was happening in our communities.”

Check it out below:

Rosario Dawson also spoke out about her involvement in Harness.

Here is Valderrama speaking out about the uprising in Venezuela:

Their latest activism is The #PledgeOfLiberation, a declaration of allegiance to each other and is part of the Women’s March movement.

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On 5/8, six months after Election Day, we call for a nationwide day of action for collective liberation in response to attacks on our health care, our identities, and our lives. Visit (link in bio) for more on tomorrow's #PledgeOfLiberation Day of Action. Tag five friends and ask them to sign the pledge and join you Monday at a demonstration in your city or town. • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square graphic with a blue background says "pledge of liberation at the top." The word "pledge of" is an off-white color. The word "liberation" is red. The "o" in the "liberation" is the Women's March logo of 3 women. Directly below, in off-white text, reads "4 ways to participate on 5/8." Below that is a series of bulletpoints numbered one through four in red text. The first reads "sign the pledge." The second reads "attend a demonstration." The third reads "tweet your hashtag pledge of liberation." The fourth reads "write messages in chalk on streets and sidewalks to your community and elected officials." In the bottom left corner of the graphic is the URL "" The circular Women's March logo appears in the bottom right corner of the graphic.

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“Together, activists around the country from every movement sector will unite on May 8 and hold demonstrations at in-district congressional offices and the offices of other elected officials, Women’s March, in partnership with ACLU People Power, United We Dream, Hollaback!, The Gathering for Justice, the National Lawyers Guild and other national and local partners, will take our resistance directly to our members of Congress.”

Click here for more information about Harness and how you can get involved in this social justice movement.

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