Bad Bunny Made His SNL Debut This Weekend!

Anyone want to buy "big ass pots" and sweats?

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For the second time, “Saturday Night Live at Home” aired, and it was better than the first! SNL can sometimes get a bad rap for not being as funny as previous years, but their “at Home” episodes have been hilarious. This week, the show featured a lot of cool cameos, but one star was especially surprising. Bad Bunny, Mr. Quarentine President, was there, and it was terrific. 

The Puerto Rico Latin Trap artist was featured in a skit with Kenan Thompson called “Big Dominican Lunch with Big Papi.” Thompson played former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz, and Bad Bunny played Big Bunny. Not a far off stretch but still hilarious. 

The baseball star showed viewers how to make a traditional Dominican meal that included an assortment of meat and fish — because Latin folks go big with their meals. But how can one cook all that food in a random Target pot? It’s impossible! So Big Bunny came on to sell “big ass pots” that can “hold 22 different animals, even big ones like llama and yak.” 

Aside from selling pots, Big Bunny was also selling must-have items at home like sweats, which is already our daily uniform. 

“Are you gonna give a work presentation on Zoom but you’re worried that your boss will see your penis? Try sweatpants!” 

And Bad Bunny, we mean Big Bunny, looked good in sweats, but he looks damn good in them too. Check it out below. 

The rest of the episode was just as funny. Brad Pitt “hosted” the episode and played Dr. Anthony Fauci. DJ Khaled was also on the show, as was Charles Barkley, Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, and Miley Cyrus served as the musical guest. But now we’re wondering why Bad Bunny didn’t perform. That would have been something, considering his album YHLQMDLG is breaking records. 

Aside from his stint on SNL, you know Bad Bunny — and his girlfriend —has been keeping us entertained during this quarantine. They’re making their own skits, recording music, being super cute, and even releasing new music videos. 

We always knew this guy had talent, but now we’re seeing he is multifaceted, and we can’t wait to see what more he can do once we’re done sheltering-in-place. We’re sensing he’ll probably do a world tour, a movie, another album. His options are limitless. 

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