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When Milk Makeup’s new primer, the Blur Stick, came out, makeup lovers went crazy

Photo: Unsplash/@gabriellefaithhenderson

Photo: Unsplash/@gabriellefaithhenderson

When Milk Makeup’s new primer, the Blur Stick, came out, makeup lovers went crazy. Not only is the product innovative, but also claimed to be the perfect primer for all skin tones. No ashiness, no weird cast, no oil, no parabens, and no silicone either. When I heard about it, I thought it was too good to be true. “There’s no way that something could be that good, and be perfect for everyone. No way,” I thought to myself. I also was scared away by the $36 price tag. $36?! For a primer?! There must be something special about it. Popular beauty YouTubers like, KathleenLights and Jackie Aina, posted videos with rave reviews. A few weeks later, I bit the bullet and decided to buy the Blur Stick at Sephora.

After using the Blur Stick since March, I can confidently say that I love this product. If you use it right, it can truly do wonders for the skin under makeup. Here’s why:

It makes your skin look good … like sooooo good!

Like this Allure article states, the Blur Stick is definitely a “snapchat filter for your face.” Large pores and rough skin are still there, but are noticeably smaller in size and smoother in texture. After application, skin looks refined and less oily. What I like the most about this product is that it is not drying at all. Although it’s a matte product, it definitely doesn’t make the skin look too flat or dried out.


It’s great for all skin tones.

Despite the fact that the product looks tinted, the Blur Stick is colorless. As a result, it’s suitable for all skin tones! Darker skin tones have issues finding primers that get the job done without the ashiness or weird white cast, which is unfortunate considering that there are so many primers on the market. Kudos to Milk Makeup for keeping all skin tones in mind because it’s always a plus when brands are conscious about diversity.


It leaves makeup alone.

More often than not, primers tend to break up makeup or cause foundation and concealer to separate. When I use the Blur Stick, it not only perfects my skin but leaves my face makeup alone. I don’t have unsightly creasing or patchiness, and it allows my foundation to stay on throughout the day. I use a very light, dewy foundation by YSL, and when I use the Blur Stick I definitely notice a good difference in my foundation’s texture and staying power.


The one issue with this product is…

Of course there had to be something! Well, if you apply too much, it can definitely get thick on the skin. Since the product is sitting on top of the skin and filling in pores, it can move and cause awkward shifting if you apply way too much. I would recommend only 1-2 swipes of the Blur Stick, and only apply it in the areas that you need it.

Also, if you’re worried about it clogging pores and causing breakouts, don’t fear! The Blur Stick is non-comedogenic, meaning it that it won’t block any pores or cause acne.

Don’t let the $36 price tag stop you, this product is on point and lasts such a long time. I’ve been using it since March and have barely made a dent.

Give it a try. Tag us on social media and let us know what you think!

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