Books That Teachers Read to Their Own Kids

Teachers have a knack for knowing how to connect with kids, and they’re skilled at drawing out kids to talk about the characters and ideas in a story. So wouldn’t it be fun to step inside a teacher’s home library to see what’s on their shelves, what books they read to or put in the hands of their own kids? Among the scads of books they’re familiar with and stock in their classrooms, which are the gems they treasure for their loved ones?

We reached out to teachers to discover what they read to their own kids and why. From classics like Charlotte’s Web to recent hits like The Book with No Pictures, these 10 books are among teachers’ top picks for kids age 5 to 10.

The Book with No Pictures. This book by actor/screenwriter B. J. Novak from The Office might not have illustrations, but it asks you to say all sorts of silly things to prove that a book with only words can be fun.
Why teachers love it: “I love it because it’s perhaps the first time kids have to trust what they hear vs. what they see for the information. And it’s so much silly fun.” — Laura Meith, day care teacher, Alameda, California
What to talk about: What do you think about a narrator speaking directly to you, the reader? Does that help make the story funnier?




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