8 Books Written By WOC to Read Right Now


It seems like the world-at-large is finally recognizing the importance of representation whether it’s in film, TV, art, beauty – even in the book community. People of both genders and various backgrounds, races, and nationalities, realize that they need to see more accurate depictions of themselves in books, this is especially the case for women of color.

In order to fight misconceptions and stereotypes that surround women of color, whether it be Black, Latinas, Native Americans, or Asians – we need books for us BY us! Fortunately there are quite a few out there. Here’s a look at a few must-read books by written by WOC to read this year and into the next!

Hunger by Roxane Gay.

Books to Read By Women of Color HipLatina

New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay’s intimate sensitive, and powerful memoir touches on her rape at age 12 and how it lead to overeating and a toxic relationship with her overweight body. This candid read is an especially important one today.




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