30 Items Every Boss Jefa Will Want in Her Office

These days if you aren’t an entrepreneur, small business owners, or side business hustlers — chances are you at least dream of becoming one

Photo: Unsplash/@jealousweekends

Photo: Unsplash/@jealousweekends

These days if you aren’t an entrepreneur, small business owners, or side business hustlers — chances are you at least dream of becoming one. While ambition, planning, and drive are among the most important keys to success, having a productive environment means so much when you’re trying to stay constantly inspired and motivated. Being surrounded by beautiful things doesn’t make you bougie either. It actually helps motivate you to want to sit at your desk more regularly and get to work. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 30 items for your office, which are both conducive to a good workspace, and cute as heck. Activate jefa mode!


Hija de tu Madre Jefa Desk Plaque

You’re a jefa. You know it, those who know you know it, so why not let everyone else know even before they interact with you? Hija de tu Madre’s throwback desk plate is the perfect reminder of who you are, and of who is going to take care of accomplishing all those big dreams and goals. It is just one of their many Latinx-themed office products that any boss lady will want to use to decorate their workspace. We’re inspired and totally tempted to make jefa business cards to match. Because it’s a lifestyle, no?

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $26.99


ban.do x Benefit Get It Together Pouch

Women are resilient and so are entrepreneurs. It’s often hard to be either, even more so to be both! But the payoffs and joy we get from being women and small business owners are totally worth it. Why not stash your pens, chargers, and other office things in this cute zip-up pouch by ban.do? You can also use it to hold your makeup products. Either way, the mini bag is great for loading your office essentials into a  bag and heading to a nearby coffee shop to work. The item is part of a collaboration between ban.do and Benefit Cosmetics (the BOSS BROW campaign), which features other products emblazoned with empowering words like “strength,” and “vulnerability.”

Available at bando.com, $14.99


Betches *Cancels Plans* Candle

Sure, you may be a social butterfly (or not), but being a jefa boss lady means knowing when to say no to social engagements for the sake of your business. While the friends are out having happy hour drinks, you’re at home happy to build your career and make your dreams a reality. Then, there are those days, when you cancel plans just because you ‘re feeling lazy AF and that’s okay too. For all these moods and excuses you give for not being able to make it, there is one dope candle. Shop Betches’ *Cancels Plans* Candle is a “spa day” scented, 9-ounce soy candle that will look chic on your desk, or your nightstand if you refuse to get out of bed that day.

Available at shopbetches.com, $30


Target Project62 Gold Pencil Holder Cup

Ah, Target. We haven’t done an official study, but we’re pretty sure that it’s impossible to go there and buy just one thing. Upon entering the store (a.ka. rabbit hole), it’s hard to know where to look first because their buyers are so on point. They’ve stocked the shelves with consumer gold. Take for instance, this literal golden pencil cup we recently saw on Instagram. You can stash your pens and pencils, the several small items which live on your desk, or use it as a small desktop garbage can for crumpled Post-It notes and other small messes. This gold cup is an easy and functional way to glam up your workspace.

Available at target.com, $6.99


Hija de tu Madre Poderosa Pen Set

How cute are these pens?! We told you Hija de tu Madre is killin’ the office accessories game! These candy-colored, pastel pens feature encouraging and empowering words we like to see: poderosa, jefa (naturally), fuerte, and dale. Heck, you’re going to use pens every day, anyway, so why not use some that represent Latinx jefas in all their glory?! These also make a perfect gift for students, writers, boss lady friends and family, and just-because gifts (not to mention stocking stuffers when the holidays roll around). Love all these pens? The best part is, you don’t have to choose— you get all four pens in this set.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $29.99


Shop Betches Alexa Buy More Wine Glass

The beauty of having your own home office, is that you can have a nice glass of wine at your desk when you’re feeling a little frazzled, want to celebrate your successes, or just because. With the advancements in technology, you can even ask Alexa to order the wine for you. All you have to do is focus on your work, and unwind when the time is right. Shop Betches created this cute and hilarious stemless wine glasses that read, “Alexa, buy more wine.” It’s pretty cool having your own assistant, even if she’s digital.

Available at shopbetches.com, $14


ban.do Coffee then More Coffee Mug

We already got you covered when it comes to wine. But we all know that coffee is the fuel for all dreams. It’s the thing that helps many of us wake up in the morning and get immediately to work. In fact, some of us literally can’t even function until cup number two kicks in. Basically, coffee is life. Ban.do (they’re also killing this office shopping list!) gets all this, and made this appropriately-worded coffee mug, which says “coffee then more coffee.” For those who like their coffee in to-go form, the brand also makes several adorable coffee-themed thermal mugs. Warning: going on their site will make you want to stock up on all of them.

Available at bando.com, $14


Hija de tu Madre Inspirational Patches

Being a business owner is a rollercoaster of different emotions. One day, you’re on top of your game, feeling like you’ve come up with the coolest thing ever. While the next, you’re doubting yourself, sad, anxious, and ready to give up on your dreams because they seem too difficult and out of reach. That’s why inspiring words from others who have made it mean so much. We all need to serve as a support system for each other, while also remembering to be our own cheerleader as well. These Hija de tu Madre patches remind you of the badass businesswoman you really are.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $9.99


Newton and the Apple Grammar Pencils

If you’re a stickler for grammar, these funny grammar pencils by Newton and Apple are just for you. They’re available in a set of four, in a pretty green ombre that will add a pop of color to your office. The pencils say informative and education things like knowing when to use “there, their, & they’re,” “your & you’re,” “to, two & too,” and “who, that & which.” It’s like you’re getting a grammar check — or education  while also having a cute pencil to write with. A total win, win! For those who want more lessons, the brand offers additional educational pencils here.

Available at newtonandapple.com, $9.99


Hija de tu Madre Make Jefa Moves Notebook Set

Ideas leave our brains just as soon as they fly into them. You have to be prepared, should inspiration hit unexpectedly (which it usually does). These handy, cute, and inspirational notebooks by Hija de tu Madre are just the notebooks you need to jot down all your million-dollar ideas, write some new poetry, or lay out your business plan. Not only is the color scheme adorbs and on-trend, but the notebooks are also emblazoned with words which any entrepreneur wants to see as much as possible like, “you’re doing great m’ija,”eres fuego,” and “make jefa moves.” Not only will you feel prepared for writing down ideas but you’ll also feel supported!

Available at hijadetumadre.com


Packed Party Just My Type Keyboard Cover

We are noticing that pink and red together has become a big color combination trend. It just looks feminine — without being too feminine. It’s cool and modern while being a bit retro as well. Just take, for instance, this uber cute keyboard cover by Packed Party, which features the words “just my type.” See what they did there? It’s also evident that we like pretty, cute, colorful, and fun office accessories. Why be all stuffy when you should be surrounded by all the things which make you smile and laugh? It just makes the whole work experience better, which in turn, leads to more productivity.

Available at packedparty.com, $15


Target Marble Stapler

Target has a seriously fab office section, where you can get all kinds of office supplies that are chic, stylish, and on-trend. They elevate the average office items to another level. Take this marbled stapler by Threshold, for instance. I mean, it has us wanting to buy a stapler even if we don’t need it because you know, most folks don’t actually staple papers much these days.  There’s also a tape dispenser (which is just as stylish). It’s little touches like these to regular office supplies that really make your office look polished, stylish, and super on-theme.

Available at target.com, $15.99


Hija de tu Madre Echale Ganas 2019 Planner

We promise that we aren’t getting paid by anyone for this post. We have featured a lot from certain brands, such as Hija de tu Madre, simply because we love the products and would definitely buy them ourselves. Just look at this rad Echale Ganas planner! It’s a good idea to have a planner to organize your year and month-to-month activities. But this planner goes beyond the usual. You have inspiring quotes, a monthly check-in where you organize your goals for the new month, and enough space to list all your daily to-dos (with boxes to happily check when you’re done!). Finally, we all need to be reminded to echarle ganas to our busy days.

Available at hijadetumadre.com


Kate Spade Acrylic Office Accessories

Kate Spade (R.I.P.) is known for her stylish, preppy, colorful, and happiness-inducing products. This extends to her pretty office accessories. However, her brand is also the master of the classic black, white, and gold color scheme, or in this case, the acrylic and gold. Acrylic is such a sleek way to elevate your desk, without adding any color. It’s also great because it appears to not take up space, so your office area will automatically look less bulky than if you had opted for solid-colored items. If you want a just a little more detail, Kate Spade also makes an acrylic and gold version, with gold polka dots.

Available at amazon.com, and katespade.com, prices vary


Packed Party Drink Dispenser

It’s your office — have fun with it! What did you want to have in your cubicle when you had (or still have) a traditional, 9-to-5 job? What would make your office look cooler, make your work easier, and bring a smile to your face? Most likely this adorable desktop water cooler, by Packed Party. It’s safe to say most all their items are super cute. This particular water cooler fits 64 ounces which is the equivalent of eight glasses worth of water, or whatever beverage you choose. It’ll keep you hydrated, and keep you from wandering away from your desk too often, and getting distracted. Plus, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Available at packedparty.com, $25


Rifle Paper Co. Five Year Journal

Part of the success of a business is all the planning that consistently goes into it. It never ends. First, you have to write down the initial steps that will take your dream and make it a reality. Then, as things evolve there are so many more things to take note of like, ideas, plans, things that didn’t work, those that did, and what’s next on the horizon. My point is, you’re going to want to have a proper notebook or journal to get it all down. What better than a set that includes five years worth of space? It’s a great way to truly see all your progress and hard work.

Available at riflepaperco.com


Tyler Spangler Art Print

You’re not going to have all these fabulous office items and leave your walls bare, are you? To each her own, but there is way too much dope art out there these days to not load your walls with inspiring, colorful, artsy pieces or a standout item. Take, for example, this art print by artist Tyler Spangler. It’s colorful, with total throwback retro vibes. The best part of the whole thing is the message, perfect to hang in any office: “trust what you are doing.” If those aren’t words entrepreneurs and small business owners need to hear, I don’t know what is.

Available at society6.com, prices vary


Chingona Chingona Supplies Tote

Photo: Chingona

Boss ladies are usually constantly on the go, which means you’ll need a tote to stash all your work, and life stuff. Something roomy enough for a laptop, notebook, your makeup bag, and all your everyday essentials. What better than this neutral yet bold bag by Soy Chingona? It literally will hold all your “chingona accessories,” so you might as well say it to the world. You can never have enough totes, as they’re perfect for all of your needs. Use it for groceries, for work, for the gym, for practically anything you can think of.

Available at soychingona.com, $15


Chic Party Goods Conchita Lanyard


Whether you have a job where you need a badge, and/or want a lanyard for business events you may be participating in, this adorable lanyard by Chic Party Goods is a must-buy. You’re going to use one anyway, so why not stand out from the rest?! It’s the perfect place to stash your business cards while networking, too. You have the option between pink or brown pan dulce charms — each accompanied by a coffee one. This is another example of office goods that are functional, while also being unique, cute, and humorous. Always a great combo!

Available at chicpartygoods.bigcartel.com, $14


Diamond Pens

You can never have too many pens. Not only are they functional for the office, and everyday life, but they can be so darn cute. Just like these diamond pens — so chic! These are made to look like real diamonds, down to the prong setting. This pen design is available from a number of different stores, in all kinds of colors and patterns, but we love these sleek, elegant color options (silver, rose gold, or grey with a rose gold top). They’d look great bunched together in a cup on your desk. The price is just as fab — they’re only $3.95 per pen!

Available at weddingfavorites.com, $3.95


Fred & Friends Tongue Ties Cord Keeper-Luchadores

Photo: Fred & Friends

Tech has given us some cool advantages over the years. Dealing with device cords? No matter how many times you neatly coil these wires, they just as quickly come undone, creating an unsightly, jumbled mess on or in your desk. If you want to find one cord, you’ll probably have to wrestle it from out of the others. Speaking of wrestling, these luchadores cord keepers, by Fred & Friends, are the perfect solution to this dilemma. They keep your cords neat and separate from the others. And they’re so cool-looking! You get two in a pack for only $6.

Available on genuinefred.com, $6


Viva La Bonita Poderes de la Mujer Mug

“Never underestimate the power of the woman.” This is what this fly Spanglish mug by Viva La Bonita says. And we are so here for it. Coffee is a morning motivator but as many boss lady jefas already know, so is an accompanying mug with an inspiring and powerful message. What better way to get your day started, or keep you pumped during the midday slump, than seeing this message on the regular?! And the Old English font just adds to the overall badass vibes this mug is giving off. Get one for yourself and gift some more to your fellow jefa friends and family. We all need this message.

Available on vivalabonita.com, $19.99


Hija de tu Madre Echale Ganas Mug

No matter how old we get, we will always love it when someone encourages us to really give things all we got. Echale ganas! It’s an instant motivator, which gives us a feeling of being supported and loved. This coffee mug by Hija de tu Madre just had to make our office-worthy shopping list. The steel mug, encased in a pretty pink enamel coating is different from other mugs, giving off a super-cozy, going-camping vibe. We can use those feels as well. This is another office and general life item, that would make a very thoughtful gift.

Available on hijadetumadre.com, $21.99


Sewbonita Selena Pencils

It’s a safe bet to say that any item that has to do with La Reina — the late Selena Quintanilla — is probably something we’d want to buy, like ahora mismo. So when we saw these super cute Selena-themed pencils, we were totally on board. The set, by Feliz Modern, features three pencils, in very Selena-tastic colors, that are engraved with the following words: “Como La Flor,” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” and “Selena Por Vida.” These office accessories are a fun and inexpensive way to incorporate both your love of Selena and your Latinx culture, into your work space.

Available on felizmodern.com, $6


Packed Party Confetti Desk Accessories

Life is a celebration and your career is a part of that. Your work office space should reflect that and be fun, happy, and not too serious. It should make you want to go to that area of your house, to get work done and just spend time there. It should make you feel like the coolest jefa on the planet — so decorate accordingly. We are loving these fun and colorful confetti-filled acrylic office accessories by Packed Party. They’re truly a party for your desk. They’re bright and busy when bunched all together for this photo, but just imagine the pop of color they’ll provide on a glossy white desk!

Available on packedparty.com, prices vary



You’re most likely going to need some office furniture for your work space, and you’ll want to probably have a pillow for your chair so you’re nice and comfy. You’ll probably also want items in your office that inspire you and motivate you, while also adhering to a color scheme or theme within the room. This colorful pillow by RAGGEDYTIFF checks these boxes if you have a lively office, or just want a pop of color for a neutral one (also, it comes in three different colors). It features the words “arriba las mujeres,” the powerful raised fists of three women, and a bunch of beautiful flowers. It’s one pillow with a big, feminist message.

Available on raggedytiff.com, $40.99


Hija de tu Madre Me Vale Todo Banner

We love Mexican rock back Mana, and they’re lyrics are often beautiful sources of inspiration. Even the ones that don’t sound so sweet. Their ’90s classic song “Me Vale,” is the ultimate IDGAF theme song. It’s about being who you are, and not caring if that means criticism from others. Imagine our glee when we found out that Hija de tu Madre made a cutesy gold-letter banner that reads, “Me vale todo.” It’s adorable, and offers a pop of glam gold to an office, while also letting everyone who sees it know that you don’t really care what they have to say about you or your business.

Available on hijadetumadre.com, $18.99


Artelexia Chingadera Que Hacer Notepad

Photo: Artelexia

Lists are awesome. They guarantee that you know what you need to do and buy, keep you organized, and prevent you from forgetting everything (because it does happen). But who says your to-do lists have to be boring? This hilarious one from Artelexia allows you to note down all the chingaderas you plan on accomplishing. Each section separates the level of importance, from “ahuevo,” to “ponte las pilas,” to “chingale.” This is definitely worth getting for your own office or home in general. But it’s also just a funny as heck gift to give all your procrastinating amigas. Ponte las pilas, mi’jas!

Available on artelexia.com, $16


Target Opalhouse Wicker Chair


Offices have evolved over the years. They don’t have to look serious, feel uncomfortable, or be cookie cutter anymore. You can feel free to really showcase your personal style, infuse some fun colors, and try out a new style trend. All things rattan and wicker are very in vogue right now, and they give off a total chill, natural, ’70s boho vibe. Why not have a grand chair for your office? A throne the queen that you are can sit on regally? Something you will look at and admire? Target’s Opalhouse (a fabulous line of home goods) provides all this, with their gorgeous, vintage-y peacock rattan chair.

Available on target.com, $199


Hija de tu Madre Echale Ganas Papel Banner

Clearly, Hija de tu Madre is at the forefront of the Latinx, cool office supply movement. This list certainly proves it. You could literally stock your office with all of their cute office options, and have a calming-yet-also-empowering pastel office to die for. One of the essential finishing touches to this office would be the pretty, pastel papel picado, emblazoned with the inspiring words “echale ganas” (go big or go home, no?) We don’t see it on the Hija de tu Madre site right now, but we have our fingers crossed that they will restock this, and other items we’ve had our eyes on, soon.

Available on hijadetumadre.com

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