Photo: Instagram/laisribeiro

Meet the Brazilian Model That Will Help Make History At Victoria’s Secret Show

Lais Ribeiro, a Brazilian model, will be one of many models that will make this year’s Victoria’s Secret show a lot more interesting. The lingerie institution isn’t known for its diversity, but that all changes with their 2017 runway show, which will air on Nov. 28. This year happens to be its most diverse show in its history. The 27-year-old model from Brazil is helping make that change possible.

Lais told fans on Instagram that she will be wearing this $2 million bra for the runway show.

“I’ve been holding this secret for too long and I am beyond honored to announce that I will be wearing the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra this year! I am very happy and thankful for my Victoria’s Secret family for trusting me and all the support from my on family, friends and fans!,” the model said on Instagram.

Lais was told, during a fitting, that she would be wearing the $2 million bra, and it was all captured on video.

“Did you see my face?” she said on video, “I can’t even — I’m like, shaking!”

According to Teen Vogue, 50 percent of this year’s Victoria Secret models are black, Asian, or Latina – 25 of the models are minority. They also report that last year the representation of minorities was only 30 percent. So that’s a huge jump, and hopefully it will only increase each year.

But let’s learn about this sexy and fascinating Brazilian model. She has a son that was born in 2008.


“After three days, I was still pinching myself because I couldn’t believe it. I was very emotional. I cried very much,” Lais said of her big Victoria Secret achievement,” according to E! News. “It’s the biggest thing in my career right now. Of course, we hope [to be chosen], but we never know because there’s so many of us, and we all work so hard. And I’m thankful and honored to be one of them now.”