Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for Tender-Hearted Cancers

  To describe a real Cancer, one needs to look no further than a telenovela

Photo: Wikimedia

Photo: Wikimedia

To describe a real Cancer, one needs to look no further than a telenovela. We’re attracted to drama. We cry at the drop of a hat. We’re loyal AF, can veg out for days, and also be the visionaries behind the most compelling stories. In other words, Cancers can inspire and nurture like it’s no big thing. For non-Cancers, we can see why it would be difficult to know how to please us best. After all, what do you get the person who only wants love? It’s simple, give us more love.

So, what does love look like for Cancers? We love to be held. We love to feel cozy and comfortable all the time. Yes, we are homebodies, but we love to travel and enjoy making each space feel home. We’re lushes but drink responsibly. Cancers are the type of people that you can party with until 1 am and can still make the best breakfast of your life. The least you can do is gift them the same love and respect back. To make life easier for you, we’ve rounded out the best gift ideas for that special Cancer in your life. You can thank us later.


Cuddle Pillow

Photo: Bluecrate

Credit: Bluecrate

As I noted earlier, Cancers love to be held. We love the feeling of comfort and support, and nothing gives us that more than a good long, tight hug. In fact, Cancers make the best cuddle partners. We’re ideal people to have around during cuff season. However, because we can’t get a 24-hour hug, the best next thing is this $40 cuddle pillow by Bluecrate. The pillow completely hugs your entire body and they help with any body pains. “The pillow is also designed to help those with back, neck and hip pain sleep and rest better. It always works great for pregnant women who need a bit of extra support.” It’s multifunctional support.


The Diary of Frida Kahlo

Photo: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

One of the most famous Cancers in history has to be Frida Kahlo. The Mexican artist that became an icon after her death but was always beloved embodies each Cancer trait magically. She was passionate, sensitive, sexual, a fighter, and of course, creative. While we would love to feature one of the millions of Frida products in the market, nothing would do her legacy justice than owning The Diary of Frida Kahlo, a book that holds her words, her pain, her art, and beautiful images of the queen herself. Buy it in any book store. It’s also available for $12.99 on Amazon.


Equihua “Funchies” and “Donas”

Photo: Equihua

Credit: Equihua

If there’s one product that exemplifies Mexican culture, family, and tradition, it has to be San Marcos blankets. These legendary blankets from Mexico have been a source of comfort of Latinx for decades. We fell in love with them even more after fashion designer Brenda Equihua converted the San Marcos blankets into gorgeous jackets and coats. Her latest incarnation of the San Marcos theme is popping hoop earrings called “Donas” ($95), and ’80s scrunchies called “Funchies” ($23). Yes, to both, please!


Bumble and bumble’s While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque

Photo: Bumble and Bumble

Cancers love to indulge in the tender moments like lounging around naked after a hot shower and applying lotion ever so slowly. It’s the ultimate self-care routine because who wants to rush comfort? Not us. That’s why we are basking in Bumble and Bumble’s While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque. It’s like a leave-in conditioner except made for people not in a rush and restores hair incredibly. “An overnight treatment to help reverse the appearance of damaged hair – for swingy, silky (de-stressed) strands by A.M.” Sold!  Get your own for $49. We highly recommend the Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Hot Oil Concentrate ($30) for that extra touch of nourishment. 


Millennial Loteria: El Expansion Pack

millennial loteria
Photo: Millennial Loteria

If you love playing Loteria, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Millennial Loteria. It brings your favorite Loteria characters and reimagines them for today’s modern world. Creator Mike Alfaro has now launched a new edition called Millennial Loteria: El Expansion Pack ($13.49). This version includes ten hilarious new cards, 80 extra “bitcoin” playing tokens (you can always play for real money), and ten additional playing boards because you have to invite your tia and all your cousins too.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Photo: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

Remember when Apple first released its iWatch? It felt cool and innovative, but I felt like Dick Tracy and that is not a good feeling. I was looking for something less boxy and more fun. Thankfully the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is everything I’ve ever wanted and never knew I needed. For starters, it’s round! It also comes with the coolest swatches and slick interface options. I love everything about this watch because it helps me stay connected to my texts, but also serves as a workout pal, and more importantly, it doesn’t make me feel anxious about every single thing. That’s one aspect that really drove me crazy about the iWatch. For overactive Cancers that get easily overwhelmed, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 allows me to chill. Thanks to the Calm app, which offers more than 100 guided meditations for people of all levels, I am able to have a digital companion without feeling like I am chained to a robot. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, which retails between $279.99-$299.99, has a more organic feel yet is super modern and that would make an excellent gift for anyone.


Valfré 2020 planner

Photo: Valfré

Credit: Valfré

We’ve been fans of Valfré for quite some time. The women’s apparel and accessories online shop, founded by Ilse Valfré, is a place for the most rebellious of women. Cancers love to live on the edge, metaphorically speaking, and it’s the same way when it comes to fashion. That is where Valfré comes in. Perhaps we cannot be out all night, or hand out our heart to every cute person we see, even if we want to. Valfré hits the perfect spot. With her sweet and flirty designs on dress, tops, skirts, phones, necklaces, etc., Valfré fills the daring spirit in us. While there’s a slew of products to choose from, because Cancers are planners, we decided to include her 2020 panner for our gift guide. Lord knows we have so much to do, so we might as well have a cute book to note it down in. Each one retails for just $28.


Curio Collection by Hilton

Photo: Curio Collection by Hilton

As I mentioned before, Cancers are happiest at home, but one thing we cannot stand is boredom. Cancers love to get away and feel like we’re living in a dream. No one makes fantasy getaways better than Curio Collection by Hilton. They offer remarkable hotels and resorts around the world that are genuinely one-of-a-kind experiences for travelers. From El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico to Hotel La Jolla in San Diego, you are bound to find the perfect vacation for you. For Cancers, however, I must recommend an imaginative and sentimental travel experience that you will never forget. Give your favorite Cancer a gift to the Maison Astor Paris near the Eiffel Tower, which offers Parisian rooftop views, or a warm, relaxing spa getaway at the romantic The Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood. Take your pick! Click here for more information.


Tahal Bracelets

Photo: Tahal Bracelets

Credit: Tahal Bracelets

Cancers love to shop with a purpose. We don’t casually throw away money just for some retail therapy. We spend money to give back and to nourish ourselves. Everything we own has a purpose. That is why we love this campaign by Jackie Rivera. She is selling handmade Tahal Bracelets from local artisans in Mexico. She writes, “Every bracelet purchased provides full-time jobs for local artisans in Mexico living in poverty condition.” So why not donate to her Kickstarter that will give funds to people who need it most, and in return, you will get a stylish one-of-a-kind bracelet that you won’t be able to get at the mall.wp_*posts


Photo: Azulana

Credit: Azulana

There’s nothing more relaxing than chilling with friends, or chilling alone, and sipping on tequila. Tequila is not for everyone, but if you get the right kind, it goes down smooth and effortless. That is why we love margaritas too! The problem is we’re not the best at following directions, so we don’t know how to make a proper one. Thanks to Azulana, we no longer have to fuss around in the kitchen. All we have to do is open a can and relax. Azulana makes sparkling tequila in a variety of flavors and they are so tasty! Azulana is currently sold in Bristol Farms, located in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs, as well as Lazy Acres in San Diego. They will be carried at Northgate later on this year. Click here for more information.


Veritas CBD Skincare

Photo: Veritas

Credit: Veritas

Cancers are all about self-care, but not in a way that it consumes our life. We do things in moderation, but we like to bask in those small moments of downtime. Because we are hyped up by nature, the Veritas CBD Skincare line is perfect for us as it has natural ingredients that soothe and relax. The Veritas Farms, based in Pueblo, Colorado, has released a new CBD skincare collection called Veritas Beauty that is made with full-spectrum hemp oil that will renew your natural glow and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. The collection includes Hyaluronic Day Cream, Cucumber Eye Cream, Mattifying Blemish Cream, and Rejuvenating Night Cream and retails between $33-$37.


Hija de tu Madre

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Credit: Hija de tu Madre

In today’s tense society, it’s critical to voice our opinion, especially when it comes to social justice. Cancers are known to be loud, proud, and very opinionated. However, it’s also crucial that we listen and see one another and not get lost in the madness. That is why we love these jewelry statements by Hija de tu Madre, founded and designed by Patty Delgado. Each piece is a powerful statement that tells the world exactly who you are without having to say a word. The only question is, what statement would you like to make? The options are endless. Prices vary.


Native Country of the Heart: A Memoir

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Cancers can dig into any good book and get stuck there for days. Right now, I am really into Cherrie Moraga‘s latest book titled “Native Country of the Heart: A Memoir,” and Cancers will love this memoir that dives into a beautiful story of her mother. For Latinx living between two cultures, in particular Mexican-Americans, this story will hit home in so many ways. Here’s a synopsis: “The lives of Cherrie and her mother, and their people, are woven together in a story of critical reflection, and deep personal revelation as Moraga charts her own coming to consciousness alongside the heartbreaking story of her mother’s decline. As a young woman, Elvira left California to work as a cigarette girl in glamorous late-1920s Tijuana, where an ambiguous relationship with a wealthy white man taught her life lessons about power, sex, and opportunity.” This is a perfect gift to unwind and escape into a real story of love, passion, and family. It’s only $14 on Amazon, but you can buy it at your local bookstore.


Altar & meditation table

altar table
Photo: Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Cancers take calmness very seriously. We seek peace even though we can be, at times, dramatic. That is why it’s essential to have a spot in our home that is a safe place, and we’re not talking about the couch or bed. Because faith and spirituality are part of my everyday life, a gift of an altar table (or meditation table) would be lovely. This one area can hold crystals, notes of affirmation, rosaries, sage, and anything you may keep close. The pictured table above is just one type of altar, but Etsy has a slew of options (prices vary). If the options there are not ideal for your Cancer loved one, you can also create a table. The beautiful aspect of these tables is that they are unique. Just like you.


Hello Fresh

Photo: HelloFresh

Credit: HelloFresh

The way to a Cancers heart is to hug them, listen to them, and give them all the nourishment their body and soul desire because they will return that love to you without a doubt. Cancers love to take care of others, but we are busy people. We have active lives, so how can we do it all? With a little help. HelloFresh is the help you need. This food delivery service is better than getting groceries delivered. It’s like seeing a delicious meal online and clicking on send without all the fuss of figuring out measurements. You get exactly what you want, all you have to do is order it and make it. Some might say, why not just get the meal already made? Because we actually love to cook! We just don’t have the time to get every single ingredient. HelloFresh, which features an assortment of meal options (from low calorie to high to quick meals and international dishes), changes its menu weekly. Eating in has never tasted this good. Click here for meal options and price deals.

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