Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for Tender-Hearted Cancers

cancer zodiac gift guideTo describe a real Cancer, one needs to look no further than a telenovela. We’re attracted to drama. We cry at the drop of a hat. We’re loyal AF, can veg out for days, and also be the visionaries behind the most compelling stories. In other words, Cancers can inspire and nurture like it’s no big thing. For non-Cancers, we can see why it would be difficult to know how to please us best. After all, what do you get the person who only wants love? It’s simple, give us more love.

So, what does love look like for Cancers? We love to be held. We love to feel cozy and comfortable all the time. Yes, we are homebodies, but we love to travel and enjoy making each space feel home. We’re lushes but drink responsibly. Cancers are the type of people that you can party with until 1 am and can still make the best breakfast of your life. The least you can do is gift them the same love and respect back. To make life easier for you, we’ve rounded out the best gift ideas for that special Cancer in your life. You can thank us later.




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