Photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Cardi B Defends Historic Best Rap Album Win After Getting Negativity On Social Media

Less than 24 hours after her historical Grammy win, Cardi B has deleted her Instagram due to immense negativity she’s received for her Best Rap Album. The Bronx rapper released a video — then deleted — in which she said that she deserved to win because she worked hard for months to complete the album while she was pregnant.

“You know what, it’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else,” she said in the now deleted video, which has been reposted by others. “That’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with and I don’t support that, however, I’ve been taking a lot of sh*t today. I’m seeing a lot of bullsh*t today and I saw a lot of sh*t last night and I’m sick of this sh*t. I work hard for my mother f*cking album.”

She also brought up that last year people told her “Bodak Yellow” should have been nominated for Grammy but was completely shutout.

“Everybody was like, Cardi got snubbed! Cardi got snubbed! Now this year’s a f*cking problem? My album went two times platinum…and every chart that there was my album was always top ten, number one album as well!”

Cardi had initially posted a message from Chance the Rapper in which the award-winning artist congratulated her for winning Best Rap Album.

“This is overly deserved, the album was front-to-back hits,” he said. “It would be inconceivable not to honor u last night. So happy for you, u made history and brought ur husband onstage who I literally saw making phone calls and trips to make sure…did right by u and turned they verses in on time.”

Other rappers sent congratulatory messages to Cardi as well, including Missy Elliott, Salt N Pepa, Lil Kim, and Remy Ma.

“Thank U Jesus!!!!” Lil Kim tweeted to Cardi. “Look at God ?? Congratulations boo @iamcardib you deserve it!! So happy for you.”

A tweet from BET could have sparked some of the hate from people. The network tweeted about Cardi’s win while throwing shade at Nicki Minaj, who didn’t get nominated at all for her album. That tweet made Nicki pull out of a BET music festival where she was scheduled to perform.

Nicki’s friend — Ariana Grande — also tweeted (then deleted) about her anger regarding Cardi’s win. Not so much because it was Cardi who had won but because the Grammy’s invited the parents of Mac Miller to attend insinuating the parents of the late rapper thought their son would be winning.

“Literal bullsh*t” she tweeted. “THEY INVITED HIS PARENTS OUT. NO.”

We shall see how this drama continues to unfold.